Art Shop: Persian Rugs & Iranian Carpets in Canada

Now that you’ve entered this page, you’re probably interested in art, art shop and Persian Rugs and Iranian Carpets in Canada. In fact, art is divided into different sections, one of the sub-categories of which can be dedicated to works of art. Handmade artwork is usually more popular.

  • Special Rug Carpet

    ? Special Rug Carpet ✂️ Texture: Woven from two techniques of carpet weaving and rug weaving – Lor nomads of Bakhtiari, Iran ? Size: 107*77 cm ? Age: Old and special ? Functionality in the old days: Khorjin or Saddlebag

  • Bag



    ? Bag ✂️ Texture: Handwoven by Qashqai nomads, Iran ? Size: 67*67 cm ? Age: Approximately 50 Years ? Functionality in the old days: Baby cradle ? Material: All pure sheep wool with vegetable and ink colors

  • Bakhtiari SaddleBag

    ? Saddlebag ✂️ Texture: The Lor nomads of Bakhtiari, Iran ? Size: 80*66 cm ? Age: Approximately 60 Years ? Material: Wool ? Root: Goat Hair

There are many well-known art galleries and shops in Canada. In this section, we want to talk a little about Canada first. Then we will go to handmade products and Iranian carpets and we will give you more details.

Where is Canada?

Canada is a country located in the north of the American continent and has a relatively cold climate.

Many believe that Canada’s history has been full of pleasant happenings and has always been a growing trend. Perhaps the existence of this belief has led to less attention being paid to the history of this vast country. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, the history of Canada, from being a small residence for French businessmen to a vast country of 34 million people, has been a remarkable story of vision, growth and success that has gone through many cultural ups and downs.

The place of art in Canada

The art of painting flourished in Canada from the 1900s, especially after the end of World War II in 1945, with government support playing a vital role in this growth and development, and since then, many art colleges and colleges in It was established all over the country.

The place of Iranian art in Canada

Iranian art has a special place in the history of the world and has been known to everyone for a long time and has its fans all over the world.

The growing population of Iranian artists has led many companies to show interest in Iranian art and culture and to collaborate with them.

Now that we are a little familiar with Canada and the place of art in it, we turn to art and handicraft products and examine their effects on life.

Types of designs and models of Iranian carpets

Iranian carpet designs in Canada can be divided into different types from different aspects. But here we first divide the types of maps or designs of Iranian carpets into seven main categories or groups according to the elements and designs used in carpet design. Each of these seven groups has different subgroups.

The important thing to keep in mind is that this is a category of authentic Iranian carpet designs and models from the past to the present. In this division, we have tried to divide the designs and models of the carpet in a basic and fundamental way to include all the cases. However, as we said before, it is possible to add some categories to these items. But our attempt here is to spice up this article in simple language along with various examples so that it is attractive to everyone.

Therefore, in addition to the introduction of each of these categories, we will introduce the famous and best-selling designs and plans related to that category – both in machine and hand-woven carpets. This makes you familiar with the new designs available in the market, especially in the machine carpet. On the other hand, recognize the elements used in each. As a result, proceed to design your carpet decoration with a complete understanding.

Types of categories of Iranian carpet designs

  • Faceted carpet designs
  • Types of Iranian carpet designs based on motifs
  • Carpet designs with the pattern of green nature
  • Famous carpet and Iranian rug designs or the names of nomadic peoples and Iranian people
  • Famous Iranian carpet designs called cities and places
  • The design of Iranian carpets is integrated and adapted
  • Types of carpets in terms of type of use and application (new)

The design of carpets and rugs is famous among Iranian peoples

The existence of different ethnic groups in Iran that have different customs, lifestyles, religion, attitudes, ideas and tools and live in certain geographical areas has caused all these factors to be effective in the context of different carpet designs and maps of each region. For this reason, each of the different regions and cities have produced their own plan and map, which is known by the name of the same region, tribe or city.

Ceramic dishes

We all love family dinners and lunches served in beautiful, handmade dishes. These dishes give a special effect to our meals and make eating more delicious. Many of us use dishes that have been with our family for generations and are actually nostalgic and old-fashioned.

Handmade ceramic dishes are one of these types of dishes which you can buy from Persian Art Gallery. These dishes, with their design and elegance, also convey a good feeling to us. Of course, we do not know whether serving hot food in handmade ceramic dishes can be dangerous to our health.

Handmade ceramic tableware, in addition to existing in the past and may be inherited from generation to generation, is still produced today. These containers are designed and produced with high precision and skill, and to produce them, it is necessary to go through various stages. In an article soon, we will talk to you about these beautiful dishes and the conditions for serving different types of food.

Types of art glasses

There are many types of art glasses, each with its own genre. In this section, we want to review some models of them.


Mag is a kind of handle glass that is very suitable for drinking coffee and can be used at home, at work and on trips, and anywhere else.

The use of the mug is not only to keep the drink warm, but also the beautiful design of the handle and the designs on it have made it more popular than the cup.

Mags can be categorized in terms of size, material, and design. Mags are usually larger than a cup in size and can hold a much larger volume of drink.

Mag is usually made of ceramic and for this reason these mags are also called ceramic mugs. However, mugs are also made of glass, but glass mugs are more fragile than ceramic mugs.

Espresso mug

The smallest type of coffee mug is a cup of espresso. This coffee mug, also known as “Dimitas“, usually holds between two and three ounces of liquid.

When choosing this type of coffee mug, you should consider the size of the espresso shot. This type of coffee mug is often served as a service and set, which makes it very easy to prepare a good espresso after a meal with family or friends.

While the choice of espresso cup depends entirely on your personal taste, you need to make sure that the insulation is thick enough so that your espresso does not cool down too quickly.

Ceramic mug

Another dish that is suitable for serving coffee is ceramic coffee mugs, which is one of the best choices for people who want a new mug that will last a long time and is not fragile. Your drink will stay hot in ceramic mugs for a long time without having to put it in the microwave. In addition, even if they are in the microwave, dishwasher or refrigerator, they do not crack or crack because they are very durable and the material is hard and the glasses are also very easy to clean.

Melamine mug

When buying a coffee mug, melamine is a great choice. The insulation of this mug helps keep your coffee hot for a long time. In addition, melamine is completely safe to put in the dishwasher and can also withstand impact.

One of the problems with melamine is that it can’t be put in the microwave, so if you want to reheat your coffee in the morning, you have to choose a glass of a different material. Another advantage of melamine is that it is generally relatively inexpensive, and is sold in various sets.

Stone mug

Rock mugs may not be as popular as other types of materials, but they are highly durable and will last a long time without cracking. One of the reasons why people choose coffee cups from stone is their appearance. Stone mugs are usually made by hand and then glazed.

The stone mug will be unique because it is made with a different combination of flint and clay, which creates a different look and feel from other types of coffee mugs.