10 examples of the best applications of glass bottles(part 3)

In our last article, we talked about a few best applications of glass bottles. Today we are going to introduce more of these applications. You can buy glass bottles from an art shop in Canada.

Glass lamp; Interesting ideas to decorate the ceremony

Glass lamps are one of the few decorative products that are widely used. An interesting idea to use these lamps to put into practice is to place fine light filaments inside these lamps.

Glass bulbs attract a lot of attention because of their bulb-like appearance. Another application of glass lamps is to use them as one of the attractive items in decoration.

Decorative and functional

Glass bottles play an important role with two main uses: decorative and used. You can use these bottles as an item in your decoration and also to place a variety of drinks, spices, etc. In the following, we will discuss other applications of glass bottles.

Tempting Valentine & Birthday Gift

You can use special glass bottles in your special occasions that you want to give as a gift to your loved ones. In such cases, it is better to consider smaller glass bottles for use. You can decorate these bottles with various items such as colored and metallic sand and beautiful small items.

You can also write loving sentences on small sheets of paper and tie it with a string and put it in a bottle. McCarthy glass bottles with two heights of 9 and 11 cm allow you to place beautiful and decorative items. Preparing such decorative bottles next to your original gift can be an amazing idea.

One of the most important Valentine’s gifts that has always made people happy is the teddy bear. Cute little bears with a few chocolates can bring laughter to your loved ones’ lips on Valentine’s Day. Valentine ready-made packages, with their high price, put a heavy cost on you; If with your beautiful glass bottles you can create a very beautiful Valentine pack at a very reasonable and unbelievable price.

A practical idea for making a Valentine pack is to put a small bear and some chocolate in a glass bottle from Amazon, Alps or Bermuda. You can choose the best size of glass bottles based on the size of the doll and the items you want to put in the bottle.

First put some straw in the bottle and then put other utensils in it. Even if you want to give small gifts to your loved ones, you can put them in these bottles and surprise them.

Terrarium in a variety of glass bottles

One of the uses of glass bottles, which makes it sweet for flower and plant lovers, is to use them for planting plants and even terrariums. On the terrace of your house, next to beautiful pots, you can also place these glass bottles in which you have planted flowers and plants.

Many people are also reluctant to put pots in their room, as the soil in these pots may spill around and disturb the environment. In addition, insect infestation is another issue that prevents pots from being placed in the room. Glass bottles allow you to have your favorite plant in your room without worrying about spilling dirt and insects. The cork lid of these bottles has made it possible for the plant to breathe.

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