13 different models of clocks and wall clocks


This type of watch is one of the most popular types of watches for home and office use. These watches are visible to everyone. In general, large wall clocks and wall clocks for installation in nursing homes, due to poor eyesight of the elderly and in the eye ‌ medical office to control vision’s eyes, as well as in schools for students to learn. There are many types of wall clocks, such as: three-dimensional, eclectic, artistic, cut, printed, embossed and pendant.

One of the most attractive types of clocks and wall clocks for all of us is the Johnson wall clock. You can also choose and buy the Johnson wall clock in the living room, next to the library, bedroom or any place you need. The style of this watch is designed to be quite simple to match and harmonize with any decoration.

Desktop clock

Desktop clocks come in a variety of designs, and you can easily choose designs that match your home or workplace décor.

Alarm clock

Alarm clocks are also very popular; Because most people use these clocks to wake up at a certain time. These watches have small dimensions that can be easily placed on the bedside table. In some of these hours you can activate several alarms. Also, some of them start moving physically when they make a sound so that their owner gets out of bed and grabs them!

Independent pendulum clock

These clocks are more expensive and can not be mounted on the wall; Rather, they are located independently in a corner of the house and have larger dimensions than other clocks. The alarms of these clocks can be set to sound every quarter of an hour, every half hour and every hour.

Cuckoo clock

Among all kinds of clocks and wall clocks, these clocks are the most entertaining and are the cultural symbol of Germany. Every hour is announced by the sound of a small bird coming out of it. It has various mechanisms that you can turn off whenever you want.

Pendulum clock

The pendulums in these watches fluctuate widely. The watch must be perfectly aligned so that the pendulum moves evenly between the two sides.

Digital clock

These clocks are very common because they show the time numbers without any problems, so that even children can easily recognize the time and do not need to read the hands of the clock and the minute hand. Numbers typically glow in digital clocks to be recognizable even in the dark.

Analog clock

The analog clock hands are off-screen for time display and have a very professional look. Among the types of analog clocks and wall clocks, we can mention Johannes wall clock, which can be used for any type of modern decoration with its large hands and simple design.

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