8 accessories for immediate change of living room decoration-part 2

If you remember, last week we talked about an immediate change in living room décor. Today we want to tell you more important points.

Different living room layout

For some strange reason, everyone is used to putting furniture right next to the wall. If you plan to party and have fun every night, be sure to do so; But this way of decorating the living room is not fun at all and does not even encourage you to have a simple conversation with family members. So design your living room layout creatively; To begin with, move the furniture away from the walls and create an area for intimate conversation.

Living room lighting

To instantly change the living room décor, consider a combination of lighting using multiple light sources. Use table lamps, standing lamps, sconces, or anything else you like to light.
The only thing is to pay attention to the combination of lighting and be sure to combine several different light sources; This will provide more light for the decoration of your reception hall and will also create a pleasant appearance for it. Do not forget the importance of dimmer switches; Every light in the living room should have a switch.

Accessories for your living room

Carpets and artwork can determine the style of an area of ​​the house. Is the living room modern or contemporary? Keep in mind that accessories can make a statement about your living room.
When it comes to a rug, you should not think of rugs with a small area; It is a common mistake that people make when decorating their living room. Make sure all the furniture is on the carpet. Ideally, all four bases of the main parts should be on the carpet; But if this is not easily possible, make sure that at least the front legs are on the carpet.
The constitution in the decoration with the help of accessories is not to use a lot of accessories; More than three accessories in different styles can make your living room look sloppy and messy; So complete your work with one or two accessories.
But what accessories can be used to change the decoration immediately?

8 living room accessories that you will love for your home

Have you ever felt that your living room was missing something? It’s cozy and beautiful, but while you love your current decor, you can not get rid of the feeling that your living room needs something else to complete. Here are 8 accessories that you can get at the lowest cost to complete the decoration of your living room. You can buy them from an art shop in Canada.

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