Application of decorative mirrors in home interior decoration(part 2)

In the previous section, we discussed the use of decorative mirrors in the home and workplace. Today we want to continue this discussion.

Shine light into the house with a mirror!

The main function of a mirror is to reflect light. When a decorative mirror is strategically, correctly and principledly placed in front of a natural light source, it can expand the light in your home by emitting light and increase the brightness of the rooms of the house more than you imagined.

If you have a small bedroom or living room that is not exposed to a dim sunlight window, it’s time to make the room a little bigger. A suitable option for this space is an attractive and special decorative mirror. First of all, answer the question, what decoration did you choose for the bedroom and living room?

If you have a modern decoration with fancy accessories in this space, we suggest you to use a modern tall mirror of flower and rain design in this space. But for a space with traditional decor, a better choice is the tall mirror of Bakhtiari carpet design.

Put the decorative mirror in the right place

The best place to install a decorative mirror is next to the window, not in front of it. This way, the ambient light will reach its maximum and you can create more light from the house. Of course, keep in mind that if your room is really dim, place a lamp or wall lamp next to or in front of a mirror to double the effect of increasing the light.

Light with a mirror

The point is, things do not always turn out the way we want them to. If your living room has no windows for sunlight, help the mirrors a bit and get help from the mirrors!

It is best to enhance the lighting of this space. Of course, think about the fact that you can not miss the sun and its rays during the night anyway! For this reason, we recommend that in addition to using a suitable mirror such as a rustic mirror designed by Khordad, increase the light around the mirror so that its reflection can make the living room more beautiful and bright.

Cover the defects of the house with a decorative mirror

Maybe you live in a rented house or you do not have the right conditions to repair your house at the moment. In this case, it is really hard and annoying to bear the defects on the walls. In this situation, the best option to cover this space is to use a tall mirror with a beautiful and attractive design.

Another interesting point is that mirrors can also be used to correct architectural defects. For example, in an L-shaped house with a bedroom beyond the front door, there is an inconsistency in which a mirror must be installed to remove it and restore the room to a transcendental state.

These days, mirrors, in addition to decorating, are used as an essential tool anywhere in the house; From the bedroom to the bathroom, living room, hallway, kitchen. There are almost no restrictions on where to use it. All you have to do is choose the right mirror and use it in the right space.

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