Candles in decoration, simple but special!(Part 2)

Last week we talked in full about the idea of using candles in interior decoration. Today we want to explore different ideas in this area. You can get special candles from an art shop in Canada. Stay with us.

7 practical ideas for candles in home decoration

Use beautiful and stylish candles on the dining table and kitchen. Even if you do not light the candles, it still creates an attractive, cozy and beautiful decoration. At the same time, using candles with fruit and citrus scents is a great idea for the kitchen and dining table. Citrus scent can eliminate the unpleasant smell of the kitchen and create a relaxing atmosphere.
You can use candles in the decoration as a suitable and fragrant lighting tool in the bedroom. Also, if the candle has the scent of lily, jasmine and orchid, it will bring you a calm environment and a comfortable sleep.

The idea of ​​using candles in the bedroom

If you do not want to light a candle in the bedroom, you can use two large candles in the candlestick on both sides of the bed to create a great decoration in this space. You can also place one or more lighted candles in front of the mirror to create more visual effects to provide a warm and bright atmosphere in the bedroom.
Candles in decoration are not limited to the bedroom, living room or kitchen. Bathroom space is an interesting option to use this decorative tool. Decorate the bathroom with candles. If you do not know what scent to use, we suggest you use candles with a mild scent of spring flowers. Of course, be careful and follow the safety tips. To prevent possible fires and their dangers, it is better to place candles in ceramic or glass containers.

Use candles in home interior decoration

Outdoor candles

Candles in decoration are not only suitable for the interior of the house. You can also use this decorative tool in the yard. If you plan to invite your guests to the outdoor courtyard for dinner, using candles can be an added bonus. If you place the candles next to the flowers and ornamental plants on the roof garden, yard and open environment, a fun and happy atmosphere will be created and the guests will admire you for this beautiful arrangement and harmony.

Use of several candles in decoration

There is no reason for a candle to be hidden in a decoration, among a multitude of decorative items and accessories. Let the candles show off more than anything. To do this, you can use the candle as a central and main decorative tool. In other words, the use of candles on the dining table, living room and dining room alone is beautiful. You can use several large glass candles or small ones together to display more candles to capture the simplicity of the environment and give it a special effect.
Depending on the style you choose for the living room and dining room, the candle in the decoration can convey a sense of warmth, intimacy and beauty as an additional light. In the meantime, putting a few candles together and decorating them with a satin ribbon is a quick, cheap and interesting way to achieve an immediate and beautiful decor. So use your sense of creativity and turn the simplest into the most beautiful.

Use candles in interior decoration along with books

Decorate the library with candles

Candles can be a great option for decorating a library shelf. If you have a personal library or a cozy corner to study, use large scented candles and glass in different parts to make the library room and space more attractive. You will also experience more concentration and relaxation as you study. If you want to give a happy body color to the library, it is better to use light colored candles. But if you want the library space to have a formal atmosphere, it is better to use tall candles in the color combination of the books. You can also use neutral colored candles; Because they go well with any color and decoration.

The final word

Candles in decoration, if they are properly and principledly and, if possible, fragrant, can well stimulate your sense of smell, sight and beauty of friendship. Of course, it depends entirely on your taste and interests what part of the home you use this magical decorative tool. You may be a little strict in choosing the right candle or you may not know which candle is right for what space.

Our suggestion to you is that first of all, do not be strict and enjoy this decorative tool. Invite beautiful and fragrant candles to the living room, library shelf, fireplace and coffee table. Leave the rest to the candles and trust their power. The result will surprise you.

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