Characteristics of antique (old) carpets: how to recognize, care for, and restore antique carpets

Although not all old rugs are better than new, a quality old rug is always more valuable than a new rug. The reason for this value is that it is rare and older. A carpet that has been kept in good conditions for more than a hundred years, if it is of high quality, is considered a valuable asset. Antique and semi-antique carpets are old carpets that are 50 to more than a hundred years old. Some antique carpets are very exquisite works that deserve to be kept in museums, while some of the older carpets are rotten and not in good condition. If you intend to buy an antique Iranian carpet or Persian rug in Toronto, be sure to consult someone who can tell the difference between antique and semi-antique carpets and understand the minor differences in the quality of carpets of the same category.

The age of the carpet is one of the factors that determine the price

Most collectible or investment rugs are over 30 years old. Therefore, antique rugs that are more than 80 years old are certainly valuable. Of course, except for the life of the carpet, its production method and texture also affect the continuous increase in the price of the carpet. The Iranian antique handwoven carpet, which has a delicate structure and is well maintained, is a work of art whose value increases every year. If the carpet is woven with high-quality materials, the utmost elegance by the hands of skilled carpet weavers and from a beautiful pattern with an eye-catching color combination, even fans of modern carpets will realize the value of such an antique carpet for investment. When buying an antique rug, you need an expert and reliable carpet expert. The quality and high price of the old carpet requires you to buy from a knowledgeable and experienced seller.

The oldest carpets in history

Pazyryk is the oldest hand-woven carpet in the world, which was found by Russian archaeologists in the year 1328 AH (1949 AD) in the ice tomb of a Scythian king in Siberia. The Pazyryk carpet is a proof that even long ago, in the fifth century BC, the art of carpet weaving was at its highest level. Ardabil carpet is another example of antique carpets that cannot be put at a price. The Ardabil carpet, housed in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, was woven in pairs, but the other pair was used to repair the damaged parts and preserve the original materials, dyes, and texture. So far, thousands of carpets have been woven in imitation of Ardabil carpet, but none of them compares to the original carpet in terms of beauty. Pricing this masterpiece is like pricing the Mona Lisa.

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