Decorating the library with disposable items-Part 2

Last week we talked about the very interesting topic of library decor using disposable items. Today we want to continue and finish this discussion.

Unused wooden boxes

Wooden boxes are another versatile and affordable option for decorating a library with disposable items which are available in an art shop in Canada. You can paint discarded wooden boxes and use them to put things. One of the attractive ideas is to put flowers and plants in boxes without doors. The green color of the plants in the library gives a beautiful look to the library and your home space.

Old typewriters

Old typewriters are an attractive and special way to decorate a library with disposable items. If you have an old typewriter, you can use it in the decoration of your library.

Old and useless cameras

Vintage cameras are a great way to add a sense of nostalgia and beauty to your library. These old cameras give a vintage and special look to your library.

Old globes

Another interesting idea for using discarded items in the library is to use old globes. You can use the sphere to design the upper part of your library.

Old postcards

Vintage postcards are a unique and affordable way to decorate your library with throwaway items. Don’t throw away old postcards that can be an attractive and beautiful item in your library.

Decorating the library with disposable items by making a shelf

Another practical idea for using waste materials in the library is using waste wood. With these sticks, you can make a beautiful wooden shelf. According to the dimensions of the library shelf you want, make the shelf and place decorative items inside it.

Making a decorative vase

With disposable items, you can make a new and attractive decorative vase for your library. For this purpose, you can use various items such as waste glasses and waste cans. For example, you can paint a paste can and plant a plant inside it. Also, you can pour water and put plants in waste jars. Design these bottles with hemp threads to make them look more attractive.

Final word

If you are fond of reading and books, you must have a standing bookshelf in your home. In addition to books, you can put all kinds of decorative items in the library. In this article, we explained the method of decorating the library with disposable items. It is interesting to know that you can have an attractive decor for your library with disposable items.
One of the interesting ideas is to use used and broken lamps. You can carefully empty the inside of these lamps. Then you can plant plants inside these lamps. You can also put decorative items inside these lamps. Another decorative method for library design is using old and useless globes. You can use them for the top design of the library. Old and useless cameras, small and old radios and televisions can also give an attractive and beautiful look to your library.

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