Digital Art

If you are an artist or an art enthusiast, you probably already know that the medium of art is recently taking a digital turn. A few years ago, the digital artists you might know today used to stick to painting with canvases and brushes. Recently however, the interest in comics and digital art is increasing and most artists are satisfying this thirst. What are the pros and cons and what exactly is this medium getting more and more popular each day?


The first thing that pops up in the mind is probably the accessibility. Nowadays we spend so much time in the internet. Imagine the youth and their high exposure to the world of the internet. The chance of these people getting in contact with a comic artist that works digitally is much more than accidentally finding a painting or artwork they find interesting in the real life while passing. Art is everywhere in the internet and is a few clicks away from them always. This way, artists can be ensured that accessibility is much higher while pursuing this medium.

Accessibility Problems

This accessibility can cause some problems of its own, however. Plagiarism increases and reposts without giving credit to the artist can happen in the space of the internet frequently. Different platforms for digital artists having identified this problem, provide rules and regulations and define fees that avoid such problems leading to the awareness of the prominence of giving credit to the respective artist when reposting content.

Audience Reaching

With digital painting and more accessibility comes the more possibility of the audience reaching the artist, ordering customized paintings or posters and merchandise from the digital painting. As an artist, the audience is a touch away from contacting and advertising becomes much easier. You no longer have to worry about finding the right audience because they are all a few hashtags away. The art can take different shapes and forms in this way; it can come in print, it can turn into t-shirts, hats, and basically you can earn money in a multiplicity of ways. Visit your local art shop in Canada today and you will find posters of some of your favorite artists and their merchandise.

Audience Reaching Problems

A very common complaint that artists have and keep trying to educate the audience on is the problem with filtering in the internet. Even though many give credit to the artist while reposting, they ruin the aesthetic of the work by sharing and spreading the artwork in a completely different color palette by using filters. This ends up in the circulation of the artist’s work in a way that they did not intend.

Since this move towards the digital is still fairly recent, awareness towards what is acceptable and what is not is still needed and takes time. Considering the possibilities and accessibility, the potential of this platform to eventually become the best option for the artist is a lot. The bottom line is that all mediums of art must be preserved and each can contribute differently, all serving the artist and their audience in different ways.

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