Getting to know the forgotten handicrafts of Iran-part 2

Have you read the first part of this article? If your answer is negative, it is better to read the first part once to get acquainted with the rich Iranian culture.

Carpet weaving and traditional rugs

The art of carpet weaving has existed in Iran since ancient times. The patterns of Iranian carpets have attracted the attention of many people not only in Iran, but also have many fans all over the world. It is interesting to know that the art of carpet weaving started when the campers needed a carpet for the dirt floor of their tent and made something similar to it.

Each region of the country has its own method for carpet weaving. This point has caused the carpets of different cities to be different from each other. A rug is a type of carpet with a smooth texture. Rugs are woven using wool, cotton, silk and hemp threads. We suggest you visit an art shop in Canada to buy authentic Iranian carpets.

Needlework is one of the most beautiful handicrafts

The art of needlework, which originates from Baluchistan, is one of the original arts of Iran. It is interesting to know that needlework designs are taken from the dreams of Balochi women. For needlework, at first, artists take a simple cloth and then apply the desired design with colored paints on the cloth.


The art of calligraphy, which is an original and eye-catching art, is done by carving patterns on metal objects. Painting can be applied to various metals such as copper, brass, gold and silver. In the city of Isfahan, we can see the spread of this art.

Among the souvenirs of Isfahan, we can also mention all kinds of containers and decorative tools of calligraphy. Artists active in this field usually consider a special and traditional design and carve the design verse on metal with their special tools. The name of decorative products came up, it should be mentioned that the Persian Art Gallery store has made it possible to buy major art and decorative products.

Kurdistan wave weaving art

Maybe you have not heard the name of the art of wave weaving. This art is one of the handicrafts of Kurdish regions; This art was formed among the tribes of Kurdistan. Regarding this art, we must say that the waves are a kind of fabric woven with sheep’s wool. The products produced with this art include all kinds of beds, blankets, backs, etc.

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