How should the carpet be arranged in the room?-part 2

In the previous part, we talked in detail about the techniques of placing carpets at home.

Carpet arrangement in the dining room

One of the most important parts of the house is the part where you place the dining table. If you want to choose the right carpet for your dining hall, you should follow the carpet arrangement method; Pay attention to the size of the room and the size of the carpet. According to your taste, you can make a rectangular or circular carpet.

The correct way to place and arrange the carpet in the dining room is that all dining tables and table legs should be placed on the carpet. One of the important methods in carpet arrangement; That is, the carpet must extend 61 meters or more from the table legs. Also, when you pull the dining chairs back and get up from them, they should still be on the carpet.

Carpet arrangement in the bedroom

Generally, in today’s bedroom decorations, the bed set is the focal point of the room. Another important factor in bedroom decoration is the placement and arrangement of the carpet. Choose a carpet from an art shop in Canada for the bedroom that covers the useful spaces of the bedroom and also enjoy the feeling of softness when you walk on it.

Also, don’t forget that the smallness of the bedroom does not mean the smallness of the bedroom carpet. Sometimes even placing a large carpet that covers the entire room will be very beautiful. It is better to place and arrange the carpet and the bed in such a way that the carpet is placed completely under the bed. It should be noted that about 46 to 61 cm of the space around the carpet should be placed outside the bed.

Should the carpet be placed under the bed?

The carpet should have a distance of 46 to 61 cm from each side of the bed and the sides of the bed base. Many people are sensitive to the symmetry of the space. If you want your room to be symmetrical, your carpet should have the following dimensions: 9-12 meters distance from the entire bed and around the bed.

If you want to buy a carpet measuring 8-10 meters, this carpet will cover the entire space of the bed, wardrobe and its surroundings. Also, you can use an 8-10 meter carpet to cover two-thirds of the space below the bed and the sofa on it. It is good to know that 6-9 meter carpets are only used to cover two thirds of the bottom of the bed.

The design around the bed should be in such a way that a honey table and a carpet should be placed on each side of the bed. This type of design is possible for many different bedrooms with different dimensions.

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