How to decorate the wall of the dining room?-part 2

Multiply the beauty of the space with Diptych Art

The art of diptych is a work of art in which a design is placed on two canvases. This option is a great idea for large dining room walls that are best filled with small but larger artwork.

In addition, diptych panels can be hung on the wall in a variety of ways. For example, you can put them together to have a cohesive look or hang them separately on opposite walls to create a more dynamic yet balanced look; It is as if these two paintings, along with a modern wall clock, visually connect your dining room.

Create a gallery

Nothing is more appealing than a wall that has been turned into a gallery in a classic way and its images are arranged around a theme or contain a diverse collection of fascinating works of art. If you can not agree on a particular style or decide on the art of decorating the walls of the dining room, this method is the best option for you.

If you have prints, place them in frames of different sizes to make them more attractive when hung on the wall. If you are going to hang a lot of pieces on the wall, first place them on the floor to find the right configuration to put them together. Then place them on the gallery.

You can mount it on a shelf wall and fill it with artwork. Try not to fill all the shelves. You can use these spaces later to place the necessary dining utensils or even decorative vases.

Lock the walls of the dining room and fill them with artwork

Choose two rows of shelves that are very long and allow you to place art and decorative items on the top shelf and the bottom shelf to place dishes, glasses, etc. If your dining room is very small and you like to store dishes where you do not take up space on the floor, this is a great idea for you.

You can buy these artworks from an art shop in Canada.

Put a mirror in the dining room

Instead of using artwork, you can use a mirror. Preferably choose a mirror that is floor to ceiling and fits your style. Do not be afraid to use wide and long mirrors if space allows. Using a large mirror in a small room can make the space look bigger. The mirror reflects natural light, making the room look bigger than it really is. Of course, if you have a small child or pet, this idea may not work for you.

Use textured covers for your dining room

If your dining wall has a textural appeal (for example, a brick, wood or plaster texture) you will generally not need any other ideas to decorate it. If you are a minimalist, this is the best idea for decorating your dining room.

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