How to decorate the wall of the dining room?-part 3

In the previous sections, we have stated 6 points for you that we hope will be useful for you. Now we want to examine the continuation of these points together.

Use textured covers for your dining room

If your dining wall has a textural appeal (for example, a brick, wood or plaster texture) you will generally not need any other ideas to decorate it. If you are a minimalist, this is the best idea for decorating your dining room.

Use wallpaper

An attractive design wallpaper not only adds color, pattern, texture and vibrancy to your dining room, but also serves as a stylish backdrop for your furniture. Depending on the style of wallpaper you choose, you can easily create the overall look of your dining room in a unique way. Note that wallpaper will accompany your dining room for a long time; Take action with this mindset.

Hang a picture of a scene on the wall

With a photo of a memorable scene or scene, you can dramatically change the mood of your dining room. Whether you choose a black-and-white photograph, a color photograph, a large-scale landscape, or a photograph that captures a panoramic view, it is a gateway to another world. This photo can separate you from your dining space and at the same time give it a modern and personal feeling. If you are photographing yourself, you can frame your favorite photos from your daily observations or travels and hang them on the wall of your dining room.

Do not forget the sconce

A pair of wall sconces can make your dining room as beautiful as possible and is also very practical. Wall sconces give a balanced and symmetrical look to your space and at the same time, convey a great feeling to people. It is not necessary that the style of the wall sconces be in harmony with the style of the furniture and other elements of the room. In fact, a pair of sconces that are different from the rest of your decor can create prominent focal points on your walls that are really prominent! If you prefer darker light, put darker sconces, and if you like brighter light, put lighter lights inside the sconce.

Use tall plants

Plants are not necessarily used as decor, but using a number of tall and green plants can give a green and lively atmosphere to your dining room. Tall plants arranged along a wall bring a sense of passion for life and connection to nature to the room; Something that other works of art and decorative objects may not be able to create. If you love flowers and plants, this is the best idea for you.

Use a sculptural chandelier

Another way to decorate a dining room without decorating its walls is to use sculptural chandeliers that you can buy them from an art shop in Canada. The chandelier itself acts as a spectacular work of art and attracts attention with its unique design. The use of chandeliers, in addition to creating a stunning spectacle, also performs the task of illuminating the space. If you are a fan of modern and minimalist style and at the same time you like to have an attractive and artistic focal point (without installing anything on the walls), using a chandelier is a great idea.

Use Tapestry

It is a work of art in which various designs or images are woven on thick fabrics and have a decorative use or record of a historical or cultural event. Tapestry is a great alternative to other wall decorations and despite its texture, it can give the viewer a sense of softness and softness. These works of art are woven in different dimensions, styles, colors, shapes and designs, and you can easily match it with your furniture or dining room. If the style of your dining room furniture is boho or rustic, the tapestry will harmonize easily with the other elements of the dining room.

Use wall baskets

Consider wall baskets a great sculpture for a gallery wall. Instead of using flashy artwork, you can use wall baskets of the same color and texture. Wall baskets bring an element of a natural decor to your space. In small dining rooms, you can hang one of them behind your desk or hang a number of them on the wall with a cohesive arrangement. You can even put an art frame inside the wall basket hanging on the wall of your gallery and give it a different look.

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