How to electrify copper dishes? 8 easy and homemade methods

Copper dishes are valuable and beautiful dishes that you can use for years and buy from an art shop in Canada. These dishes have been used for cooking and serving food since ancient times. But with long-term use of these dishes, their shiny surface is lost. Fortunately, there are practical methods for electrifying copper dishes. By doing these methods, you can renew your dishes and use them like the first day.

One of the ways to make copper dishes shiny is to use a combination of salt and vinegar. In this polishing method, you can use vinegar, salt, sponge and cloth. Apply salt and vinegar on the dish and then wait until the stains are removed from the dish.

Salt and white vinegar are other compounds that make your copper dishes shiny. You can also polish your copper dishes with lime and salt. The combination of lime and salt is also used to polish copper dishes.

The first method for polishing copper dishes

One of the practical ways to polish copper dishes is to use vinegar and salt. In this method, you should use materials such as white vinegar, coarse salt, flat sponge and cloth. Use sea salt for this cleaning method.

In this method, it is better to pour sea salt on the outer surface of the copper container and then pour a little vinegar on it. Then wait a few minutes and draw a squeegee on it. By dragging the squeegee on the pan, your copper pan will shine. After the stain and rust are removed from the dish, you can wash it with dishwashing liquid and water to remove the vinegar from the dish.

The second method of electrifying copper dishes

In the second method of polishing copper dishes, you should also use salt and white vinegar. In this method, you need 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 cup of white vinegar. Pour the mixture of salt and white vinegar into a large bowl. Then fill the container with water and put it on the gas. Wait for this solution to boil. Now you can put the dish in a boiling dish and then wait until the spots on the heat disappear. After this step, you should wash and dry the dish.

The third method of polishing copper dishes

In this method, you need lemon and salt. Divide the lemon into two halves and you can spread it separately or with salt on the dish. This will remove the rust on the copper pan.

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