How to identify original copper dishes?-Part 2

Last week, we explained some methods for you to use to identify the original copper dishes. Today, we want to tell you some other methods so that you can buy quality copper vessels from an art shop in Canada.

Does the thickness of the copper sheet indicate the originality?

Copper sheets have different thicknesses. The thickness of the copper sheet is determined based on the type of container. Some people mistakenly think that the copper vessels used in their production from thick copper sheets are original and thin copper sheets are imitations. But it is interesting to know that the thickness of the copper sheet does not indicate the originality and quality of these dishes. Because to produce fine copper dishes, thinner copper sheets should be used.

Based on the use of copper containers, the thickness of the sheets used in them is determined. For example, copper cookware such as copper pots that are placed on a direct gas flame should be produced from thick copper sheets. But other copper products and containers such as pitchers, glasses, candle holders, etc. should not be very thick.

Identifying authenticity based on the type of tin

Tin plating of copper dishes is another method of identifying original dishes. If you pay attention to copper products, their inner surface is white. This color difference between the outer and inner surfaces of copper dishes is due to tin plating of the inner surface of copper products. One of the most important things that affects the quality of copper dishes.

The quality of the tin used to tin the inner surface of these products. For this reason, one of the ways to distinguish genuine copper dishes from fake ones is to pay attention to the type and quality of tin plating of these dishes. It is necessary to explain that if the tin plating quality is low, you should not cook food in those containers. Because it is possible that during cooking and reaction of food with tin, this layer will be peeled off and enter the food. For this reason, quality tinning is of great importance. Quality and original copper dishes are well tinned and do not have such problems.

Identifying original copper dishes based on their weight

Another useful way to identify original copper dishes is to pay attention to their weight. It is worth noting that copper metal is heavier than other metals such as iron and brass. Of course, today, with the increase in the price of copper, copper dishes are made lighter, but they still have more weight than fake copper dishes. Therefore, if your copper dishes are very light, they may be fake.

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