How to identify original copper dishes?

Copper dishes are one of the most popular dishes and have always had their own fans. These dishes are a great choice for traditional decorations with their traditional style. One of the wonderful features of copper dishes is its value. If you have copper utensils for years, they are still valuable. Wooden dishes and copper dishes also have many properties for health. You can buy them from an art shop in Canada.

The high durability of copper dishes is one of its advantages. Besides their decorative and beautiful aspects, copper dishes are also very practical. These dishes are also used for serving and cooking food. But one of the problems that may occur to you while buying copper dishes is buying fake copper dishes instead of original copper dishes. Fake copper utensils are also dangerous for your health.

For this reason, in this article, we would like to describe the various methods of identifying the original copper dishes. By knowing these other tips, you will be able to recognize the original copper dishes by seeing them and you can easily get quality and original copper dishes. One of the ways to recognize the authenticity of copper dishes; Pay attention to their weight. Copper has a high weight. For this reason, very light copper vessels may not be original. In the following, we will study other methods of identifying the original copper dishes.

Identifying original copper dishes from hammering

One of the ways to recognize quality and original copper dishes is the type of hammering of these dishes. Consider this point especially when buying original copper pots and all kinds of original copper mugs. It is interesting to know that small and regular hammering is useful.

Hammering of copper vessels can be done in two ways: manual hammering and machine hammering. Quality and original copper dishes, no matter how they are produced, are finely and regularly hammered both by hand and by machine. Fine hammering makes copper dishes more beautiful, which you can see in all kinds of original copper dishes.

Using a magnet to detect original copper dishes

One of the interesting and practical methods for identifying original copper dishes; It uses a magnet. In this method, you need to bring the magnet close to the copper container. If the magnet is attracted to your copper dishes, it means that your copper dishes are fake and their only color is copper. Copper metal never attracts magnets. For this reason, if copper dishes stick to the magnet, be sure that it is a fake copper dish.

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