How to identify the original Pyrex container?-Part 2

If you remember, we talked a lot about Pyrex containers last weeks. These containers have many uses in homes. You can get these containers from an art shop in Canada.

Today we want to continue the discussion of identifying the authenticity of Pyrex dishes. Please stay with us.

The third way to identify Pyrex containers: buy from a reputable store

Although it is possible to recognize the original Pyrex dishes according to their appearance, it is still difficult for some people to recognize it. Therefore, we suggest that you buy the original Pyrex container from a reputable store.

The fourth method of identifying a Pyrex container: paying attention to the brand and signs

Pyrex containers are designed and produced for domestic and foreign use. Foreign pyrex containers have a much higher price than Iranian pyrex containers due to currency issues. But we must say that the production method of foreign and Iranian pyrex dishes is similar to each other and they have the same quality.

Iranian pyrex dishes are sold with high quality and reasonable price. One of the distinguishing features of a Pyrex container is the words such as prx and trx on the bottom of these containers. These phrases express the originality and unbreakability of Pyrex dishes.

The fifth method of identifying a pyrex container: attention to weight and thickness

Another way to distinguish Pyrex containers is to pay attention to their weight and thickness. Original Pyrex containers are heavier than ordinary glass containers. They also have more thickness.

The sixth method of identifying a Pyrex container: pay attention to the smooth and polished effect

Another way to distinguish original pyrex containers from fake pyrex containers is the surface of these containers. The original Pyrex dishes have a smooth and polished surface. If you see unevenness on the glass containers, it indicates that the containers are not original.

The seventh method of identifying a Pyrex container: considering the price

One of the interesting things that can help you to distinguish whether Pyrex containers are original or not is the price of these containers. Low price containers are sold as Pyrex containers. But you should know that the production method and the processes carried out on Pyrex dishes are complicated and difficult; As a result, the price of these containers cannot be low. If you see Pyrex containers at a very low price in the market, you should doubt the quality of those containers.

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