How to identify the original Pyrex container?

Pyrex dishes are among the healthiest kitchen dishes. Pyrex dishes will make your kitchen decoration more beautiful with its beautiful and attractive appearance. These containers are the most resistant type of glass containers in which you can serve hot and cold foods; But when buying, you should be careful to get the original Pyrex container. In this article, we want to explain how to identify Pyrex containers.

Pyrex containers are one of the most beautiful and popular types of glass containers. The high resistance of these dishes has made them one of the best kitchen dishes. The very special feature of Pyrex containers that distinguishes them from other containers is their high resistance. It is interesting to know that Pyrex containers are about 4 to 6 times stronger and harder than ordinary glass containers. These days, there are also fake Pyrex containers in the market.

In this article, we have described the practical methods for distinguishing original and high-quality Pyrex containers. Original Pyrex containers have more resistance than ordinary glass containers. As a result, these dishes do not break with hot food and hot liquids.

The bright and shiny appearance of Pyrex dishes is another way to distinguish these dishes. If you pay attention to the surface of these containers, you will not see any scratches or bubbles on it. We suggest that you get Pyrex containers from an art shop in Canada to be sure of their authenticity.

The first method of detecting Pyrex dishes: paying attention to resistance

It is good to know that the method of producing original and fake Pyrex dishes is different from each other. During the production of Pyrex containers, thermal shock process is applied to these containers. During thermal shock, the temperature of the container rises to some extent, and this feature causes the high resistance of Pyrex containers; As a result, Pyrex containers have resistance that ordinary glass containers lack.

Knowing this, if you pour hot water, tea or hot food into Pyrex glass containers, these containers will resist and not break. If fake Pyrex containers break with hot food and liquids.

The second method of identifying Pyrex dishes: identification by appearance

Another trick that you can use to distinguish the original Pyrex container from the fake Pyrex container is according to its appearance. Original pyrex are very beautiful in their simplicity and have a high shine. These dishes are produced with high precision and elegance, and you will not see any bubbles or scratches on it.

If fake Pyrex containers may have bubbles and their appearance is not shiny. It should be noted that the durability and resistance of original Pyrex containers is much higher than counterfeit Pyrex containers.

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