How to make a drawer organizer?-Part 2

In the previous part of this article, we talked about drawer organizers. We also explained to you how to make these separators using cardboard boxes. Today we want to explain how to make these organizers using fabric what you can buy from an art shop in Canada.

Making fabric drawer organizer

The tools needed to make fabric drawer organizers are:

  • Spunbond fabric;
  • Scissor;
  • Automatically;
  • Oblique band;
  • Sewing Machine.

It is good to know that sponde fabric is actually the same models as non-woven fabric. This fabric is made of polypropylene. You can use this fabric to sew disposable items such as shopping bags, clothing covers, etc.

Fabric organizer sewing method

You can use a combination of plastic and fabric to make this organizer model. Of course, you can sew this model entirely with fabric. In the first step, cut two rectangles measuring 38 x 8 cm. These two rectangles become two-sided walls. In order for these two layers to be stronger, you can put two layers of fabric for it and stick a layer of glue without these two layers. If you use plastic, cut it to 15 x 7 cm.

This regulator model has 6 parts. Therefore, we have to prepare 5 pieces of plastic with the dimensions that we said. Divide the fabric into 6 equal parts and draw 5 vertical lines on it with a pen. A bias tape is needed for the edge part of this organizer. You can choose the color and design of this strip based on your taste. Of course, it is better if it is in harmony with the background fabric.

In the next step, sew the edge of the plastics with a diagonal strip. You can do this by hand or sewing machine. Then sew the edge of the two body rectangles with a slanted strip. Then place the edge of one of the plastics on the line you have drawn; so that the edge on which the tape is sewn is on the upper side.

Then put the extra body fabric on the plastic and fold it. Do this so that the plastic is hidden between the two parts of the body fabric. Finally, sew the edge part.

Fabric organizer sewing tricks

When the two layers of the body are opened, you will see the plastic. Sew all 5 pieces of plastic in the same way and in one direction towards the body. In the next step, sew the second body in the same way as the first body. After this step, you need to make the base and body for the regulator.

In order to cut the sole and body of the regulator, you must measure one length and two widths of the body rectangle; Then cut a rectangle with the obtained size. Then put the remaining plastic in the bottom of the organizer and sew the bottom edge of the body to it. In the next step, sew the two sides of the plastic to the edge of the width of the rectangle. At this stage, the organizer is ready and you can put your things in it.

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