How to make a drawer organizer?

If you are tired of the messy drawers in your room, it is better to think about making a drawer organizer. A drawer organizer is a very useful tool for organizing drawers what you can buy from an art shop in Canada. You have probably experienced how annoying it is to find a piece of clothing among a pile of other clothes in a drawer; Especially when you are in a hurry!

Drawer organizer can solve your problem, when you use this practical tool, you will know where everything is. With the drawer organizer, you can divide all your things and prevent clutter. In this article, we are going to teach you how to make a drawer organizer.

Types of drawer organizers

Organizers are one of the most practical devices that can be used in various spaces. Different home decorators include:

  • Kitchen organizer;
  • Bedroom organizer;
  • Sanitary service regulator;
  • Bathroom organizer;
  • Living room organizer;
  • Organizer of closets.

Drawer organizers are designed and produced in various designs and materials. This product can be used in different places at home and at work. These organizers include organizers for clothes drawers, stationery drawers and sanitary items to kitchen drawers. In the following, we teach the method of making regulators.

How to make a drawer organizer with cardboard boxes

The tools needed to make the regulator are:

  • Cardboard box;
  • Gift wrap;
  • Pencil;
  • Ruler;
  • Carpet cutting razor

The first thing you should do is to empty the contents of the drawer and measure the width and length inside the drawer with a meter. Then draw some rectangular cardboard to the measured dimensions. Note that its height should be 2 cm shorter than the height of the drawer, and this is so that there is no problem when opening and closing the drawer.

After you have drawn and measured, it is time to cut the cardboard according to the size of the divisions. The size of the compartments is based on your taste. For example, consider what kind of items you want to put inside the drawer organizer. For example, you can cut two cardboards to the length and two cardboards to the width of the drawer. On the cardboards, mark the area on the cardboard for cutting by observing the measurement of three by three and do this marking for both cardboards.

Now we cut the parts that we marked. Make sure that these grooves must be the same thickness as the cardboard you are using for the drawer organizer. In the last step, just put the cardboard cuts on top of each other and assemble the organizer in this way.

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