How to paint wooden dishes?-part 2

In the previous section, we talked in detail about the benefits of painting wooden dishes. We also taught you what coloring using sealer and killer is and we discussed important points.

The best paint for painting wooden dishes

In the past years, companies active in the production of wood-based oils have started producing paints for wooden containers. These colors are produced according to international standards.

It is interesting to know that these colors are completely healthy and do not have the mentioned problems. In the production of these types of colors, edible oils and their combinations with natural and harmless materials have been used to paint wooden containers.

The stages of painting wooden dishes

Painting wooden dishes which you can buy from an art shop in Canada, is done in 4 steps. These steps include sanding, cleaning the wood surface, foundation and putty, and finally painting the wood.


The first step of painting wood is sanding its surface. Professional and excellent wood sanding makes the paint sit well on the wood surface. By sanding the surface of the wood, the wood will not peel and flake over time. The nature of wood has non-uniform surfaces, which by sanding, the wood surface becomes uniform and desirable.

Another advantage of painting wood is to increase the color effect. Sanding can be applied in two ways. You can do sanding manually or using a special machine. To remove the old and old colors of the wood, it is better to sand it with coarse sandpaper.

Cleaning and plastering the wood surface

After sanding with coarse sandpaper, sand the surface of the dish using soft sandpaper. Then it’s time to clean the wood surface. At this stage, it is necessary to completely clean the surface of the wood so that the entire surface of the wood is free of any grease, paint, dust and sanding marks. Be careful that the sandpaper dust is completely removed from the surface of the wood.

Then the plastering stage begins. Applying putty prevents the penetration of color into the pores of the skin. After the wood putty is finished, and it dries, use soft sandpaper to remove the excess parts. You can use special wood colors to paint wooden dishes. Usually, colors have a high concentration and must be diluted before use.

Final word

Wooden containers are one of the most popular containers; These dishes are also very practical and with their very beautiful and special appearance, they make your home decoration very beautiful. You can paint wooden containers to make them last longer and beautify them. Painting wooden dishes has many advantages. For example, by painting wooden dishes, the growth of fungi and bacteria is also prevented.

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