How to paint wooden dishes?

Wooden containers are one of the most practical containers. These containers are considered to be the most special containers with their wooden and natural materials. One of the interesting ideas is to paint old and stained wooden dishes. By painting these dishes, you can double their beauty. But the method of painting wooden items and choosing the right color for them is very important.

One of the mistakes that people make to cover and paint wooden dishes is to use materials such as sealer and killer to paint these dishes. Since these materials are harmful to human health and are carcinogenic, they are not recommended for covering wooden dishes. You can use these materials to cover other wooden products that have nothing to do with human health.

Painting wooden dishes doubles their beauty. Painted wooden dishes have more fans than unpainted ones in an art shop in Canada. By painting wooden containers, their shelf life will increase. Another advantage of painting wooden dishes is to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria and the formation of mold. In the following, we describe the method of painting wooden dishes.

The importance and benefits of painting wooden dishes

For longer durability of wooden utensils and utensils, it is better to paint them. If the wooden containers have a good coating, they will have a long life. The advantages of painting and using coating for wooden containers are:

  • By painting and using a coating for wooden dishes, these dishes will become twice as beautiful. Also, painted wooden dishes will be more special and beautiful and will have more fans;
  • The right coating for wooden containers will increase their durability;
  • If you paint wooden containers, you will prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria. You will also prevent the formation of mold;
  • Wooden utensils should be washed after use. For this reason, it is better to be hydrophobic. Painting these dishes helps to make them water repellent. It should be noted that most of the colors used for wood make them water repellent.

Using sealer and killer to paint wooden dishes

One of the common questions of people is whether it is possible to use sealer and killer to paint wooden dishes or not?

It should be noted that coatings such as sealer, killer, semi-polyester, polishing oil, polyurethane paints and other chemical paints are very harmful for painting wooden dishes. Because these coatings are harmful to people’s health and are carcinogenic.

It should be noted that oil paints, cellulose, polyurethane and any chemical paints and materials of this kind are not recommended for painting wooden containers. In the rest of this article, we will learn about the types of colors suitable for painting wooden dishes.

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