How to polish wooden dishes?

Wooden containers are one of the best and most practical containers that have been welcomed by many people recently which you can buy from an art shop in Canada. These containers, with their natural wooden material, bring the atmosphere of nature with them. One of the best features of wooden containers that make them last is their unbreakability. Of course, in maintaining these dishes, you must follow a series of tips and take care of them. In the following, we will explain more about how to polish wooden dishes.

Wooden dishes, like copper dishes and clay dishes, need special care. For example, putting them in the dishwasher and microwave will damage them.

Odorless edible oils are recommended for greasing wooden utensils. You can also use special waxes for wooden containers to make them shiny. After washing these dishes, dry them completely. If you leave wet wooden containers inside the cabinet, they will get moldy.

If wooden dishes are not well cared for, they may lose their shine and shine after a while. But don’t worry about your faded wooden dishes. Because in this article we want to list the methods of polishing wooden dishes.

Methods of polishing wooden dishes

If you have wooden containers in your home, you will definitely notice that these containers dry out after long-term use and may also crack. To protect your dishes from this, use mineral oils for kitchen utensils. Some of these oils are for kitchen utensils and wooden boards.

When buying, pay attention to get oil for kitchen wooden utensils. If you do not find this oil in the market, you can use white mineral oil. These types of oils are refined enough and can be useful for polishing your wooden utensils.

The method of polishing wooden dishes with oil

To polish your wooden dishes with oil, it is necessary to first coat the wooden dish with mineral oil so that all parts of the dish are covered. Be careful not to pour the oil directly on the dishes. You can use paper towels for this. Pour oil on these towels and then use these towels to dip your wooden utensils in oil.

We suggest that you do this once every two months or at least twice a year. After you oil your wooden utensils, place them on the counter or dining table and wait 30 minutes for them to dry. Of course, the drying time of these dishes varies from 30 minutes to a day; For this reason, we suggest that you wait long enough for the oil to be completely absorbed by the wooden containers. Of course, you should not allow the oil to remain on the dishes for more than a day.

After a day, you can clean the remaining oils on the wooden containers and put the containers in their special place. It should be noted that this oil is specially produced for kitchen utensils. Therefore, it will not harm human health.

Remove stains in the blink of an eye

In order for the surface of your wooden dishes to be shiny and clean, it is necessary to remove their stains first and clean them. For this reason, we will introduce the methods of cleaning wooden containers. One of the methods of thorough and thorough cleaning of wooden dishes is to use coarse grain salt and lemon juice. For this purpose, you can mix coarse grain salt with lemon juice and then apply this mixture on the dishes. After you have mixed the wooden utensils with salt and lemon juice, you can wash them with a wet sponge and soap.

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