How to use a color palette in your decoration accessories?

However, the psychology of color in decoration is more complex than what a color represents, and that is because there are several color properties that can be adjusted to evoke specific moods and emotions. For example, consider the yellow color mentioned earlier. Depending on the particular color you choose, this color can make you feel happy or jealous. Why are these colors available in different models? Colors have many properties that can drastically change the mood created. The following are some of the most common color properties that should be considered when creating an interior design palette.


Choose a main color and add some white to it and create a suitable color. For example, a bright purple color with a combination of white turns into lavender. In general, pastel colors can have an old or childish feel and are often used in nurseries or children’s bedrooms. They also look good in houses with old-fashioned architecture. They can expand the space of the room and their combination with white colors creates a timeless look.


Conversely, a shadow is what you get by adding black to a color. Shades are often combined with neutral or lighter colors that create balance and prevent the darker color from overcoming the room.


This is almost a middle ground between shadow and color because gray is added to the color to create a degree. This is especially useful when you want to reduce the freshness of very light colors such as purple or orange and create a softer color.


This feature refers to the amount of light in a color. In short, the lighter the color, the more valuable it is. In this spectrum, black is at the bottom end and white is at the top end, and the colors are between the two. Value is important in the psychology of color in decoration because you want to choose colors with different values ​​for harmonious contrast.


How rich is the color? It largely depends on its saturation levels. Deeply saturated colors look more prominent and bolder than colors that are brighter in saturation and may appear dimmer in bright light.

Knowing these essential points in color theory, interior design can be easily achieved that is coherent and aesthetically pleasing. There are some key rules to keep in mind that will ensure you get the perfect palette. Therefore, we suggest that you get the accessories you need from an art shop in Canada that is highly diverse and meets your needs.

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