Introduction of Iranian carpets and rugs

In the past days, we tried to introduce you to the history of Iranian carpets and rugs. We hope that we have been able to introduce you to this quality Iranian product. Iranian carpet in Toronto are one of the most popular products that people look for and buy. Today we want to examine its types together.

Pazyryk carpet

The oldest carpet in the world is called Pazyryk carpet, which was discovered by a Russian archaeologist in the frozen grave of one of the Scythian rulers in the years 1326-1328, and was named so because of the place of its discovery, in the “Pazyryk Valley” of Russia. Besides this carpet, there were other ancient objects. This rug is made of wool and has a square shape, each side of which is 1.98 meters long.

The Pazyryk carpet is decorated with a floral border and images of horsemen, grazing deer and mythical beasts with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion. Sergi Rudenko, the discoverer of this carpet, after examining the structure of the carpet and its paintings, noticed the great similarity of the motifs of this carpet with the reliefs of Persepolis. Although most researchers consider this carpet to belong to the period of Parthians or Medes, there are still different theories about the actual age of this carpet. Today, the Pazyryk carpet is kept in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.

Authentic Iranian carpets

Gabe A choice for fans of natural fibers

Gabeh is one of the types of hand-woven Iranian carpets, which is usually thicker and coarser than other Iranian carpets. One of the characteristics that distinguish this type of carpet from other types of carpets is that natural wool yarn and natural plant colors are used for the texture of the rug.

Rug; A special choice

A rug is a type of hand-woven and lint-free rug that is often woven with natural wool. Geometric designs such as rhombuses, hexagons, quadrangles and triangles are often used in the texture of these sub-sizes, and sometimes natural and animal shapes are also used in the depiction of rugs. Pulling the skeins, tying the koji wood, fixing the skeins and chain weaving are among the steps of carpet weaving. In terms of texture, carpets can be divided into three simple categories: woven, embossed and varnished.

Jajim Original handwoven

Jajim are known as flat braids that are woven long and short in width. Jajim is a thin weave with more softness than the carpet. Jajim is woven in different regions and the residents of each region give it a special name. For example, Jajim is called “Jol” in Ilam.

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