Is it dangerous to use non-stick dishes?

Many people worry that using non-stick cookware is dangerous. But it is good to know that not all non-stick dishes are dangerous. If the production process of non-stick containers is not standard, it is dangerous to use these containers. These containers make food poisonous if placed in certain conditions. When using non-stick dishes such as Teflon and granite, you should pay attention to a number of things. Because if the Teflon of the Teflon dishes is destroyed, it will cause the food to become toxic.

One of the things you should follow is not to expose these dishes to high heat, using metal tools will also damage your dishes. Another important thing is to make your purchase from a reputable store. By buying from reputable stores, you will be satisfied with the quality of cooking utensils.

Glazed copper dishes are one of the most beautiful kitchen dishes that have many fans. When using these containers, make sure that they are not damaged and their glaze is not lost. In the following, we will learn about other methods of caring for non-stick dishes.

High heat is prohibited when using non-stick dishes

Some non-stick cookware may be damaged at high temperatures and release chemicals. These chemicals may also harm your health.

Use of metal tools

If metal tools are used in non-stick containers, the thicker layers of the non-stick coating may be damaged and dangerous substances may enter the food.
In general, the use of non-stick cookware that is made of quality and standard materials and used under normal conditions is not dangerous. But to maintain your health, it is important to follow the restrictions and safety tips for any type of container and avoid using them if there are any signs of deterioration.

Buy from a reputable store

One of the points that you should follow when buying non-stick dishes is to buy these dishes from a reputable store. By purchasing cast iron, teflon, granite, pyranite, etc. dishes from a reputable art shop in Canada, you will be assured of a quality purchase.

Attention to price and quality

Another important thing when buying cooking utensils is to pay attention to the price of these utensils. Some containers have a very low price in the market, but this low price is doubtful. You can’t get a pot and cookware for much less. Because these dishes are made of high quality material and are not cheap.

Enamelware and danger

Glazed metal containers with their own beautiful color and glaze have many fans. But when buying metal containers, you should be careful to get high-quality glazed containers.
If the glazed dishes are produced in non-standard conditions, they contain toxic compounds. In such conditions, these containers contain toxic compounds such as lead, cadmium, arsenic, and chemical pigments. These harmful substances cause depression, mental retardation and poisoning.
According to the mentioned items, if you are planning to buy glazed dishes, you should definitely go for its quality types. Definitely, low-quality and cheap glazed dishes do not have the first-class quality of high-quality glazed dishes.
Be careful not to use wire to wash enameled dishes. Because the wire causes the dishes to crack; Do not use if the container is cracked.

When is it dangerous to use copper utensils?

Another container that may be dangerous to use is copper. When buying copper containers, be careful if these containers are completely healthy and undamaged. Also, keep this point in mind when storing these containers.
Be careful not to use copper utensils excessively for cooking. Because this will cause you to suffer from complications such as insomnia or depression in the long run. We suggest that we do not recommend cooking foods that are acidic in nature in copper cookware. Because these types of food separate the ion from the dish and thus cause poisoning.

Using granite containers

These days, granite dishes are very popular among housewives. These containers have a long lifespan. These containers are not harmful to human health and the environment. Granite dishes do not introduce any toxic substances into the food during cooking; As a result, you can safely cook in them.

Teflon dishes

When using Teflon containers, you should be careful not to scratch them. Because the Teflon on these dishes is destroyed by creating scratches. By doing the following tricks, you can take good care of Teflon containers and don’t worry about them getting damaged.

Wash Teflon dishes carefully

One of the most important things when using Teflon dishes is to wash them with soft and liquid Scotch dishwashing liquid. Be careful to prepare a soft dishwashing Scotch without any roughness. Rough and hard dishwashing scotches will damage your dish and create scratches on it.

Medium heat

Teflon containers have a high resistance to heat; But we suggest not to put it on high heat. High heat causes Teflon to end its life sooner. As a result, it is better to put Teflon dishes on medium heat.

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