Learn more about the facts behind bamboo dishes-part 2

In the previous episode, we talked a little about bamboo dishes and the benefits of using them. Today we want to talk a little more about these popular containers that you can get at an art shop in Canada.

Don’t worry about scratching wooden dishes

One of the attractive advantages of wooden containers is the ability to remove scratches. Just drag the sandpaper or the dishwashing wire on the uneven surface to remove the damaged layers of the dish. Then drag a damp cloth over its surface to remove the created pieces. Then use oil and lubricate the surface of the container.

Bamboo wooden utensils are nature friendly

Many of us do not use plastic containers because these containers are non-degradable and not suitable for the environment. But bamboo containers with degradable properties do not pose any danger to the environment. In fact, by buying this type of containers, you have helped the environment. Bamboo itself originates from nature; As a result, it does not harm the nature.

With bamboo, there is no need to burn your hands

One of the special properties of bamboo containers is their non-conductivity. These containers show special water resistance to heat and do not pass heat. As a result, all kinds of wooden spoons, spatulas and ladles are highly recommended for cooking. Because when the temperature rises, these spoons do not get hot like metal spoons; So you can cook easily.

How to maintain bamboo wooden utensils

The method of keeping these containers is slightly different. If you want the lifespan of your bamboo dishes to be long and not to lose quality, after washing them, put a napkin between them; Then put them in the cabinet.

Disadvantages of bamboo wooden dishes

One of the disadvantages of this type of container is its fragility against impact. Be careful that bamboo dishes are sensitive to impact and may be damaged. So be careful where they are.

Bamboos are simple but stylish

Bamboo dishes are very simple, unlike many of the dishes in the glitter. The simplicity of bamboo dishes has made them more attractive and made them have many fans. The simplicity of these containers makes it easy to match them with other containers. The characteristics of bamboo dishes at a glance can be described as follows:

  • Bamboo dishes are anti-stain and anti-microbial;
  • Bamboo dishes are lightweight and a great alternative to porcelain and earthenware;
  • The simple yet beautiful design of bamboo dishes has made buying them more enjoyable;
  • Bamboo dishes are completely compatible with the environment;
  • Bamboo dishes are light and comfortable;
  • Do not put bamboo dishes in the dishwasher or microwave;
  • Bamboo dishes should be oiled before use; For this purpose, use odorless oils;
  • Do not put bamboo dishes in the dishwasher for a long time;
  • Use a combination of water and vinegar or lemon to clean and disinfect bamboo dishes.

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