Psychology of colors and their application in interior decoration-part 2

As you know, color theory is important in other aspects of life, it is also important in the design of interior decoration and decorative items that you buy from an art shop in Canada.

How does each color in the decoration convey to us?

When talking about the psychology of color in the decoration of different places, it is better to start from the point where you probably first learned about colors in school. You guessed it, we mean the primary colors. These three colors (red, yellow and blue) are the basic points of the color cycle.


Red is a fiery and warm color and is definitely suitable for those who are interested in bold design designs. Red can indicate strength, feeling and strength. Red can increase your energy level to feel stimulated and cheerful. Because red is so deep, it is often used as a highlight color in textiles or furniture because it may appear in smaller rooms where all the walls are stained red.


Do you want to lighten a small, dark and closed space? Yellow is a good choice for this place, which is often associated with feelings of happiness and optimism. In spaces that do not receive much natural light, it acts as a substitute for sunlight. Enter the kitchen or bathroom that has used yellow color, can play the role of a fresh and energetic bomb for you. However, this color is too bright and can cause feelings of restlessness, and too dull yellow may make you jealous or sick.


In a study of the psychology of color in interior design, students were asked to rate their color preferences among six buildings that were all the same, except for the color of the interior. Blue was the best color choice and was also considered the best color to study. The only main color that is considered part of the “cool” family is blue, which is reminiscent of nature and is thought to enhance intelligence, calmness and loyalty. This color can make you feel calm and relaxed, which is ideal for creating a calm home environment.

Now that we are familiar with the primary colors and more familiar with the psychology of color in decoration, we move on to the secondary colors. These are the colors that are created by combining the two main colors.


Like blue, which is one of the base colors alongside yellow, green evokes nature and is popular in home design. This color can make you feel fresh and instill a sense of freshness, growth and vitality. Many people like the color green because it helps them feel safe.


Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions. Purple can also give the room a fresh feeling that can make you feel light and playful.

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