Spring home layout with accessories – wood, mat and ceramic together!-part 2

Wooden vases

In the spring arrangement of the house with accessories, count on the beauty of wooden pots because they have a special place in decoration. You can find these unique vases in different shapes and sizes in an art shop in Canada. You can use these vases on the table, on the entrance stairs, on the patio or even in the yard.

While the use of fancy and classic examples of these vases in the interior layout of the house will be very attractive and impressive, but the larger examples will give a special effect to your terrace. Some of these wooden pots are waterproof and do not rot. In this way, you will be comfortable thinking about watering your flocks.

Wooden and wicker tables and furniture

If you want to revitalize the neutral spaces of your home without changing the color, the best option for you is to buy wooden accessories. Wooden and wicker tables and furniture will show spaces that are white or neutral in color. For example, in a kitchen that is completely white, placing a wooden dining table with wicker chairs will create a special effect. Delicate curves in the design of the table and chairs will make the appearance of these wooden accessories more prominent. So keep this in mind when shopping.

Spring arrangement of the house with accessories and wicker plate

One of the best choices for saucepans and even plates is to use a straw saucer. The durability and durability of this type of plate is higher than other similar models that are offered in the market with different materials.

In addition, wicker trays give your home a special warmth. You can usually find all kinds of plates in different sizes at cheap prices in the market.

Mirror with wooden frame

To make the walls of your house more beautiful, buying a mirror with a wooden frame and designed can be an ideal option. The mirror with engraved wooden frame, while it can give a special charm to your living room or living room, it can be easily matched with other elements in the decoration.

Ceramic vases

It is true that wood and mat can be set with anything in the house and are one of the best options in the spring arrangement of the house with accessories. But do not underestimate the inherent appeal of ceramics. Ceramic vases are an interesting option to diversify the interior decoration of homes. A small ceramic vase filled with a beautiful and fresh bouquet will make your living room wooden table and chair even more attractive.

You can easily find these vases in different shapes in large and small sizes in the market. Large varieties of these vases with artificial flowers are a very ideal option for the corner of your living room.

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