The best Yalda night gift ideas that make a memorable memory-Part 2

If you remember, last week we talked in full about the gifts you can consider for your guests on Yalda night. For example, the following can be mentioned:

  • Saffron gift pack; A great gift for Yalda night
  • An affordable idea with pomegranate and watermelon candles
  • Yalda felt gift
  • Yalda gift with small and elegant glasses

Today, we want to describe other suitable gifts for you and finish this discussion today.
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Yalda gifts for children

You can also make Yalda gifts for children and make them happy. One interesting idea is to make secret hill raw. You can wrap these wires with black tape so that the surface is completely covered. Then you can make a felt watermelon with felt and stick it on the wire. In this way, you can make Yalda gifts for children.

The gift of a pomegranate necklace

One of the attractive ideas for Yalda night gift is dry pomegranate. To make this gift, collect and dry small pomegranates. Then you can put a nail for jewelry inside these pomegranates. Then pass the chain using a narrow tail and a metal ring. In this way, you can make a beautiful pomegranate necklace for the young girls of your family and give them as a gift on Yalda night.

Bizox candle gift

Small bizox candles with red and green Yalda colors are one of the best Yalda gifts. You can tie a green and red bizox candle with hemp thread and tie a bow on it. You can hang Yalda poems on these gifts.

Final word

Yalda night is one of the long nights of the year when we Iranians gather together and celebrate it. There are delicious foods on this night. Also, customs and rituals such as taking Hafez’s horoscope have made this night more pleasant. One of the great things you can do on Yalda night is to give gifts to your loved ones.
You can also make cute Yalda gifts and give them to your guests. In this article, we have presented interesting and special ideas for making Yalda gifts. You can get ideas from foods and make gifts based on them. For example, make a small pomegranate gift with small pomegranates and hang a poem by Hafez on each of them.
One of the special and practical ideas is making Yalda night candles. For example, you can place red and green bizox candles next to each other and tie them with a hemp thread. You can also make Yalda gifts with felt. For example, make a felt watermelon head and stick it on the head and head. You can also use small jars for Yalda gifts and put a rolled Hafez fortune inside them.

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