The best Yalda night gift ideas that make a memorable memory

Yalda night is one of the oldest ceremonies and celebrations of Iranians. In this glorious celebration, families gather together and celebrate this long night. Meanwhile, there are delicious foods such as nuts, beans, beans, etc. Giving gifts to your loved ones on this long night will make them very happy. You can also make beautiful Yalda gifts and give them to the guests at this event. Even if you are a guest somewhere, you can take these gifts with you and give them to people. In the following, we will get to know the types of Yalda night gifts.

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Saffron gift pack; A great gift for Yalda night

One of the great gifts that you can give on Yalda night is a saffron gift pack. This pack contains saffron, honey syrup and a greeting card. You can congratulate Yalda to your loved ones on this greeting card. This gift pack is a great gift for housewives. For this reason, if you want to go to a Yalda party, this gift is one of the best gifts for the host.

An affordable idea with pomegranate and watermelon candles

One of the attractive ideas for Yalda night gift; Pomegranate and watermelon candles. These candles are available in different sizes that you can get small size. You can put these candles in small boxes or small nylons; You can also put a Yalda greeting paper next to these candles. One of the interesting things you can do is to write several poems of Hafez on small Yalda papers and put it next to the candle gifts as a Yalda sign. It should be noted that buying candles with free shipping is one of the features of Joya store, where you can get your gifts from this store.

Yalda felt gift

Another interesting idea for Yalda night is to make Yalda felt gifts. You can make felt watermelon and pomegranate gifts. To make a watermelon gift, you need green, white and red felt. You can cut the felt watermelons in a crescent shape. Use green felt for the outer layer. The inner layer should be with white felt and the innermost layer of the watermelon should be with red felt. Draw black lines on the red felt with a black marker. Attach this felt watermelon to a long stick. Now you have a beautiful felt watermelon.

To make a felt pomegranate, you first need a pomegranate pattern. You can get this pattern from the internet. Then put the pattern on the paper and draw the pomegranate. In the next step, put the pattern on the red felt and cut it.

Yalda gift with small and elegant glasses

One of the attractive ideas for Yalda night gift; Making Yalda gifts is delicate and small. To make this gift, you can get small cork jars. Inside these jars, you can roll Hafez horoscope paper and put it. You can also stick a small pomegranate paste on this glass.

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