The difference between a machine-made carpet and a hand-woven carpet

The difference between a machine-made carpet and a hand-woven carpet is one of the issues that some carpet buyers face. In this report, we tell you the difference between machine-made and hand-woven carpets. Of course, before getting into this issue, it should be said that unfortunately, a handful of sellers use this ignorance of buyers to deceive them and sell a low-quality carpet or even a car!

We suggest to buy an Iranian carpet or a Persian rug in Canada from those who have enough knowledge and expertise in this field, people who can tell you whether it is machine-made or hand-woven and even explain the pattern and type of texture to you.

The appearance of the carpet

The first way to distinguish a hand-woven carpet from a machine-made carpet is the brightness of machine-made carpets compared to hand-woven carpets. Well, it should be said that machine-made carpets are more transparent and shiny because of the use of synthetic threads such as viscose, polyester, acrylic, etc.

But on the other hand, because of the use of wool and natural and sometimes chemical dyeing, hand-woven carpets are not as bright and transparent as machine-made carpets, and over time, their colors become brighter and brighter over the years.

It is noteworthy that the machine carpets all have a smooth surface without any differences, which can be recognized by touching it, but the hand-woven ones usually have a rougher surface than machine-made carpets.

Texture and map

But one of the most important points that you can distinguish a machine-made carpet from a hand-woven one by studying it carefully is that the patterns and patterns copied from the hand-woven carpet and woven by the weaving machine are slightly different. Patterns and patterns in hand-woven carpets are sometimes executed with a little error and fragility and rarely the ridges are raised, but when such patterns are given to the machine, you will see a carpet with precise and regular patterns without errors. In general, it must be said that machine-made carpets use patterns without any problems, but the weaver who weaves hand-woven carpets sometimes makes mistakes due to fatigue or any other reason, which is considered a normal issue in this art.

Visit the back of the handwoven

One of the ways to help you distinguish a machine-made rug from a hand-woven rug is to fold the rug and look at the back. The types of knots of hand-woven carpets are different from machine-made carpets. The knots of the hand-woven carpet are somewhat irregular, but the machine-made carpet has a smooth and even surface with knots without any protrusions or differences. You can see the wefts given to the carpet in the hand-woven carpet.


Handwoven carpets, such as rugs, carpets, curtains, side rugs, etc., usually differ by several centimeters from the natural size that is considered for them, but in a machine-made carpet, you are facing a product with exact dimensions. It should be said that the small errors that occur in the dimensions of the handwoven carpet by the weaver cannot be seen in the machine carpet.

The difference between weft

The strength of a hand-woven carpet depends on the weft. In some areas, one weft is placed after each row, in some areas, two thick and thin wefts, and in a few areas, 3 wefts. This weft has specific coloring based on regions, and of course, carpet experts can recognize the type of texture and weaving region. In machine-made carpets, the wefts are embroidered by a machine, and this technique leads to a uniform and regular look in such carpets, which, of course, is a good feature to distinguish a hand-woven carpet from a machine-made one.

Look at the roots

The roots of the handwoven carpet are a part of the carpet itself or in fact it is a part of the pile, but in the machine carpet, these roots, which are made of artificial yarn, are sewn to the carpet. The roots of machine-made carpets are different than hand-woven carpets, but in hand-woven carpets, you will see less neatness than machine-made carpets.

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