The most popular handicrafts in Iran; From Isfahan to Mashhad-part 2

In the previous part, we talked in detail about the handicrafts of Isfahan and Mashhad. In this section, we want to examine other handicrafts. You can visit an art shop in Canada to buy them.

Iran’s special mat weaving; Unique worldwide

The products woven by hand have high resistance and beautiful appearance. The artists of Mazandaran city produce special and beautiful wicker products by using self-growing plants such as “Gale” and “Wash” and also by using wood, grass and straw known as “Sazir” and “Varan”. Types of kapo, wicker baskets, wicker serving dishes and wicker trays are among the most popular handicrafts in Iran.

The magnificent green forest of the north, with its special and pleasant climate, can create unique woods. Various trees grow in the northern regions and artists use the dead wood of these trees to produce beautiful wooden products. For example, we can mention various types of wooden trays, wooden baskets, wooden serving dishes, wooden glasses, etc.

Pottery, from the past to the present

The birthplace of pottery art is the city of Kashan, and from the distant past, about 4000 years ago, pottery workshops in Kashan produced beautiful pottery products. Kashan’s beautifully carved pottery is one of the most beautiful and artistic handicrafts of this city.

With the passage of time and the combination of modern and traditional art, artists produced beautiful and special pottery. Eating and drinking drinks in these ceramic containers brings a special atmosphere.

All kinds of clothes and needlework accessories

The art of needlework in Iran is the handiwork of Balochi women and ladies. Another widely used needlework product is a variety of ornaments that are combined with this art. The necklace and earrings set are very special and eye-catching. Traditional needlework bags are another attractive needlework product and can be an attractive and special gift for women.

Fancy glasses and mugs; A beautiful and special gift

One of the special and beautiful products that can delight every lady and girl with good taste is buying a fantasy mug. These types of mugs are produced by hand and the designs created on these mugs are made using FIMO paste. The variety of designs created on these types of mugs is very high and you can choose your favorite mug from among them.

Glass reception boxes

Glass boxes are one of the most modern Iranian handmade products. Many people may think that the production method of these boxes is not manual. But the interesting thing is that the assembly of these glass reception boxes is done entirely by hand and we can say that they are considered one of the most popular modern Iranian handicrafts.

These boxes can be used to welcome guests and to organize things.

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