The most popular handicrafts in Iran; From Isfahan to Mashhad

Iranian handicrafts are among the most beautiful and special handicrafts in the world. In Iran, which is the cradle of art and culture, special and very beautiful handicrafts are produced. Iran’s most popular handicrafts are special and beautiful, they have also attracted the attention of many tourists.

Each of the cities of Iran has special handicrafts and has attractive features. In this article, we intend to introduce the best examples of handicrafts in Iranian cities. These handicrafts can be lasting and exquisite gifts, because they are reminiscent of Iranian tradition and history.

Copper utensils, copper decorative products such as candlesticks, various types of wicker baskets, special Iranian handmade carpets, traditional and beautiful kilims are among the most popular handicrafts in Iran. Glass boxes, various types of fancy mags that have been artistically formed with special doughs are also other special handicrafts of Iran. In the continuation of this article, we will get acquainted with the most popular and best handicrafts of Iran.

The most valuable Iranian handicrafts in Isfahan, half of the world

The people of Isfahan are one of the most artistic people in Iran, who have produced many products with their artist hands since ancient times. The products of engraving, enameling, inlay work, inlay work and copper of Isfahan are among the most famous handicrafts of this city. The pottery industry dates back to about five thousand years ago.

Precious and beautiful enamel dishes with their pleasant blue color and glaze can be one of the best souvenirs of Isfahan which you can buy from an art shop in Canada. Another handicraft of Isfahan that is very special is the combination of copper and inlay.

Engraving products are another of the most popular handicrafts in Iran, which are produced by Isfahani artists. Many copper and silver engraving utensils have been produced that are also very practical. Another special product of engraving are decorative paintings in which decorative engraving utensils are installed.

Special jewelry and carpets of Mashhad

The city of Mashhad, which has attracted the attention of people due to its pilgrimage and tourism aspects, has eye-catching handicrafts. This pilgrimage city is the cradle of all kinds of precious stones. For this reason, many people who travel to Mashhad choose silver jewelry with ornamental stones such as agate and turquoise.

Let’s not neglect carpet weaving and kilim weaving in Mashhad. It is interesting to know that carpet weaving in the city of Mashhad dates back to the fifth century (Safavid period). Mashhad carpet is one of the most popular and popular handicrafts in Iran, the fame of which has even reached the ears of the world.

Mashhad’s famous kilim weaving is the result of the efforts of nomadic women artists in Khorasan province. The beautiful kilims of Mashhad are woven using a variety of woolen, hemp and cotton yarns. If we want to name one of the most enduring handicrafts in Iran, we should not miss the Mashhad carpet.

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