Under-glaze painting technique in ceramic dishes

Under-glaze painting on ceramic dishes is a way of decorating by painting on ceramic dishes before glazing. This is why glaze painting is so durable; Because it is placed under the enamel layer and this enamel coating gives an attractive and shiny effect to ceramic dishes.

If you are interested in glaze painting on ceramic tableware, this technique will definitely be an interesting and interesting thing for you to create works of art on ceramic tableware. Therefore, in this article, to make you more familiar with this fascinating and special art, we will mention the history and points related to this artistic technique.

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Under-glaze painting on ceramic vessels and its place throughout history

Another name for sub-glaze painting is sub-color and it is one of the oldest beautification and painting techniques in the whole world. This art reached its peak in Iran around the eleventh and twelfth centuries AD in the Seljuk era. Under-glaze painting at that time became popular with black and blue colors to this day, which has a great variety in design and color.

The blue color in this painting is made of cobalt oxide and the black color is made of minerals that contain iron, manganese and chromium. Also, the pottery left over from the past shows the use of these colors by artists in underglaze painting.

The results of this technique

The technique of under-glaze painting in ceramic dishes has caused many and varied changes in the style and color of the dishes. Today, we see simple and abstract designs in glaze painting, which has led to the development and flourishing of this style of painting in creating very innovative works, and the reason for the emergence of ceramic dishes decorated and painted with this painting technique, is rooted in this issue.

The charm of underglaze painting in ceramic dishes

Maybe you are looking to buy expensive items and utensils with very special and luxurious designs for a more attractive reception of guests. But it is better to know that sometimes, simplicity is the most beautiful and attractive way to entertain guests. This is especially true of ceramic tableware.

Where are ceramic dishes used?

Ceramic tableware with a simple glaze painting is attractive at the same time. At the same time, they have a very reasonable price and buying them will not cost you much. In addition, you can use these devices in different parts of the house and even use them as an attractive accessory in decoration.

For example, you do not need very luxurious and special roulettes to arrange sweets and entertain guests. A horseradish ceramic roulette table is attractive enough to accompany you in a better reception of guests.

In addition, you can use underglaze painting on ceramic dishes in other parts of the house. Maybe you want to change the mood of the kitchen with lush petunia flowers. In this case, placing a few petunia branches in a small ceramic vase designed by a girl is an attractive option to change the mood of the kitchen or bedroom.

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