Under-glaze painting technique in ceramic dishes(part 2)

Last week we talked about the underglaze painting technique and examined its history thoroughly. Now we want to continue this issue together.

Under-glaze painting on ceramic dishes, simple and special

One of the most important and attractive factors in underglaze painting is that simple designs are used in painting. Repetition of simple designs makes simplicity prevail in these dishes; But at the same time, it does not lose its charm. So it does not matter if you have a house with traditional, classic or luxury decorations and accessories.

Also, if you have a house with minimal and modern decoration, you can easily use these attractive dishes to decorate parts of the house and invite its simplicity and charm to the house.

Accompany Yalda with underglaze painting on ceramic dishes

Yalda has nothing left! To decorate the Yalda night table, work a little creativity and arrange fruits and nuts in special and beautiful dishes. The most beautiful dishes on Yalda night are the simplest ones. It is better to follow the simplicity of the past Iranian days.

Pour the red pomegranates into a colored ceramic dish and fill another ceramic dish with colorful fruits and entertain the guests. Do not forget that you need to be happy more than anything to make Yalda night more attractive!

Under-glaze painting method in ceramic dishes

Painting on glazed dishes is done in two general ways. These two include under glaze and glaze. In sub-glazed painting in ceramic dishes, before the final glazing, the desired color and design is applied. Then, to make the ceramic dishes durable and polished, it covers the enamel layer on it. The type of enamel used on the underglaze paintings is alkaline; Because alkaline glaze helps the stability of the painting and has a high resistance. It also has a great effect on beautifying dishes.

In the under-glaze painting technique, the ceramic vessels are penetrated and combined in the lower glaze layer after being heated in a furnace, the pigments used and released from the oxides. In this part, for gloss and beauty of the work, it is camouflaged on ceramic dishes with an enamel layer to increase its quality.

In this way, they prevent the penetration of liquids in ceramic dishes and increase its resistance to heat. This creates a smooth and polished surface on the dishes. In this way, under-glaze painting on ceramic dishes will not die and will remain stable for a long time without any damage. It is noteworthy that by going through these steps, ceramic dishes will have a durable protective layer that makes them washable.

It goes without saying that the sub-glazed painting method uses a higher temperature for baking than the glazed surface method, which narrows the range of colors. In this style of painting, precise designs can be artistically painted on ceramics.

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