Understanding Abstract Art

For many years now, abstract forms of art have been inseparable from art galleries, local art shops, and even the art you come across on Instagram. However, while it might seem like this is a new phenomenon, abstract art has been a part of the human history for many centuries. Abstract art can be minimalist, but it can also look very loud and colorful, or extremely detailed. A painting can be abstract, and so can a sculpture. But what exactly is abstract art? Well, abstract art is a kind of art that takes a step back from reality, and instead of representing something that we are familiar with, it allows us to interpret it the way we want to interpret it! In short: abstract art is nonrepresentational art.

Interpretation of works of art

But how are we supposed to interpret a work of art which has not much to do with life as we know it? Is there a right way of interpreting some strangely shaped bright yellow ceramic piece that you have come across in an art shop in Canada or elsewhere? As you might have guessed, answering such questions is not a very easy task. Sometimes, abstract pieces are meant to evoke some sort of sensory response in you. For example, it is a fact that most people feel uncomfortable when looking at a surface which has small holes on it, and an artist might try to make use of this fact in order to evoke a specific sensory response in you. Some other times, artists may be trying to convey specific concepts through their abstract art. An oddly proportioned sculpture that vaguely resembles a human body can mean many things.

The process of making works of art

Certainly, knowing about the thought process behind an abstract art piece is interesting. However, you don’t exactly need to know about a detail like that when you come across an art piece that you enjoy looking at, abstract or not. This feeling of enjoyment may come from the fact that the piece is simply visually pleasing to you, or that it can be interpreted in a way that is meaningful to you. Abstract art can make this process happen in surprising ways; it is a kind of art that can inspire our curiosity in the purest form, just by letting us imagine.

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