What is a machine carpet?

Machine-made carpet is a synthetic type of carpet that is woven by industrial machines, unlike hand-woven carpet.

Due to the speed of production as well as the cheapness of the raw materials, it has a cheaper price than the hand-woven carpet, and its advantages are the simplicity of its implementation, the better pattern and the higher quality of all kinds of artistic and personal images on it.

The history of trying to produce carpets in Iran dates back to the second millennium BC. Pazyrik carpet is the oldest carpet in the world, an Iranian work.

The precious and beautiful artifacts found in different parts of Iran prove that there were valuable and controversial textiles in this era, including the clay coffin of the Dalma era, Kurdistan, as well as the rusty copper mirror of the Elamite type in Silk Hill and other areas.

Valuable and controversial textiles

After many millennia, around the second millennium BC, man was able to discover how to weave threads together and make rope.

This discovery, like all discoveries in history, had very beneficial benefits for the art and industry of that era. Among them, they used rope-like entwined threads for the beauty of the roots of the carpet. The works obtained from areas such as Marlik tombs, Kuti castle in Dillman, and Hasanlu near Urmia are evidence of this claim.

The history of the emergence of machine carpet in Iran shows that this product has a life of almost 40 years in Iran. At the beginning of the 50s, the first machine-made carpet produced in Kashan velvet and silk factories was woven and put on the market by jacquard velvet weaving machines with shiny synthetic fibers and relatively short pile and light weight.


At the same time, some businessmen introduced carpets with the same specifications and somewhat better quality from Belgium into the Iranian market and introduced the Iranian taste to the phenomenon of machine-made carpets.

Seeing the favorable response of the people to machine-made carpets, the owners of Behshahr Industrial Group, who were well-known manufacturers and investors of the country, established a large company called Kashan Industries, which is active in the field of carpet-related materials production as well as their own It was a machine-made carpet and its first product was released to the market in 1353. This product was completely different from the previous examples and had many similarities to the hand-woven carpet, especially its wool type, which was extremely popular with the public. Subsequently, other companies, including Shahbaf Company, which was later renamed Gilan Carpet, as well as Pars and Moulin Rouge (Iranian role) and Ekbatan Carpet companies were established and competed.

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