What is the appropriate height of the board and photo frame is better?-Part 2

Pay attention to the size of the boards

Another important point in the proper height of the panel is to pay attention to their size. They will not be visible if you install small images on large walls, and vice versa, if large images are installed on small walls, they will look extremely ugly. Therefore, it is better to have a reasonable proportion between the size of the images you choose and the size of the wall. If you have chosen a large wall to install the frame, you can use several small frames together.


According to decoration experts, this point, ie creating a balance between the installed images and other items in the room, is one of the most important points in the appropriate height of the panel. Try to create a good harmony and interaction between the images you choose and the furniture in your room. You can use similar colors or designs that harmonize well with the furniture of the room.

Also make sure that the length and width of your art board match the rest of the room. Remember that this may seem simple, but it will give the room a pleasant and intimate warmth. For example, to install a painting above the bed, note that the length of the work should cover at least two-thirds of the distance between the two ends of the bed, if it is smaller, an undesirable inconsistency will be created that will not be visually beautiful.

Do not place artwork and paintings far apart

Hanging the frames too far apart makes it look like you are trying to fill the space on the wall, giving your interior decoration a disjointed and incoherent look. If you find that some of the pictures and tables are smaller and get lost in the categories of other wall-mounted paintings, you can use larger frames to make them look bigger too.

Interior designers recommend that when hanging paintings on the wall, consider a group layout and install heavier paintings at the bottom and left. This is because our eyes begin to see from the left, and it is important to follow this principle to make your home look more beautiful.

In addition to the appropriate height of the painting, pay attention to the relationship between the works of art

Remember that the artwork you put on your walls will affect your mood, so in your study room where you may be looking for inspiration, it is better to use bright and colorful paintings and glazes. Instead, paintings of nature or even some works of art may be a good choice in a bedroom where you are looking for a more relaxed feel. Use works with collective and family concepts in the living room and where you spend time with your family.

In the living room, use works that have cheerful colors, and in the kitchen, use photo frames that will reduce your tiredness when viewed.

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