What is the appropriate height of the board and photo frame is better?

Do you know the proper height of the board? Where do we install our boards, do they look more beautiful? These are questions that, if answered, will surely make your home more beautiful. So join us.

Do not worry if you are not sure how many panels to install on one wall or you do not know the proper height of the panel from the ground because you are not alone. Knowing these points, although it leads to the beauty of the house, but people pay little attention to it and do not know much about it.

Place photos and pictures in front of your eyes

You must have heard the rule that the proper height of the board should be about the height of a medium-sized human eye, but this is not a general and unchangeable rule. Many of the world’s top and most famous designers believe that in order to install paintings and photos on the wall, you should pay attention to your taste, as well as the type of frame and image that you intend to hang. The most important thing about the proper height of the panel is that the center of the image should be in front of people’s eyes.

Relationships between boards; The most important thing is the proper height of the board

It may seem strange to you, but the relationship between the panels you plan to mount on the wall and the environment in which you install them is even more important in making them look better, even from the right height. For example, note that if you want to install a sign in the hallway, it should remind us of the type of warm and pleasant space image, or use happy images to install the sign in a well-lit place.

Proper height of the photo frame and attention to the use of the room is important

Another thing that you should pay attention to to install the boards and pictures is the use of the desired room and also how you use it.

Corridors and neighborhoods

It is best to hang artwork and pictures that are installed in the rooms a little higher than 152 cm above the ground. Especially if the ceiling of the room is high. This is because the proper height of the photo frame should be higher in rooms that are used standing up.

Living rooms

In the rooms where you usually sit, it is better to install the photos a little lower than before. This will ensure that you do not roll your neck to see and enjoy the artwork. In this method, ask someone to sit on a chair and you move the photo frame up and down to find the right height of the board correctly.

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