What is the most important reason for the difference in the price of hand-woven and machine-made carpets?!

Because machine-made carpets are produced by large and well-equipped textile machines, it takes a maximum of 24 hours from the time of programming the machine to the final production of the carpet. But is it the same for handwoven carpets?

Which reasons are involved in the production time of handmade carpets?

1- The size of the carpet or rug

One of the main factors to be able to estimate the time to finish the carpet is the size of the carpet panel that we want to weave, and as it is characteristic, the bigger the carpet panel is, the more time it takes to finish it.

2- The number of thread colors

One of the important factors of the duration of the weaving of a handwoven carpet is the defined number of threads, how many threads are used in that carpet pattern.

3- The material of carpet thread

The type of carpet thread can have a significant impact on the speed or slowness of its weaving time. This issue is understood by most people who have experience in weaving and have worked with various types of handwoven carpet yarn. Usually, carpets are made of merino and silk yarn, and some companies also use butter and four-layer yarn.

It is very easy to weave a knot with merino thread and you can do the weaving process easily, but silk thread is more resistant than merino thread and it is also thinner and more slippery than merino. (If your weaving hook is slow, you will have trouble cutting the silk) In the end, it will take more time to weave.

Considering these 3 items as well as the number of weavers as well as their skill and speed in weaving a hand-woven carpet, a twelve-meter hand-woven carpet takes an average of 3 months to a year.

Investigating the difference in the price of hand-woven and machine-made carpets in terms of structure

1- Examination of carpet warp and weft (evaluation of the back of the carpet)

One of the best ways to check the structure of hand-woven and machine-woven carpets is to look at the back (underneath) of the carpet. In a hand-woven carpet, the knots are somewhat uneven and not completely uniform; Some nodes may be larger and others may be smaller

But don’t worry! Because this is a completely manual process and the weavers have placed each knot in the interior of the carpet by hand, and this leads to the unevenness and non-uniformity of the knots; On the other hand, because the machine carpet is woven by fully automatic machines, usually the back of these carpets is smooth and uniform.

2- Examination of carpet warp and weft (evaluation of carpet roots)

Looking at the root of the carpet is another way to determine the type of carpet. The roots in the machine carpet are sewn to it and are not actually part of the carpet; But the roots in the hand-woven carpet are along the texture of the carpet, which is generally made up of threads and is a part of the carpet itself.

3- Examination of carpet warp and weft

In hand-woven carpets, the edges are stitched by hand, and for this reason, they may not be completely straight and may be a bit uneven, but in machine-made carpets, the edges are embroidered by a machine, and they are usually uniform and smooth.

4- Examination of the carpet weft (evaluating the size and pattern or design of the carpet)

The shape and size of the machine carpet as well as its pattern are generally very precise and its design is reflected from one side to the other, it also has symmetry and there is rarely any contradiction in the design of the machine carpet.

But on the other hand, it is possible that there is no exact symmetry in the hand-woven carpet, it is even possible that the weaver of the hand-woven carpet has woven the carpet without using a design and based on his memory.

Although the structural examination of the handwoven carpet may seem to have defects at first glance, it is surprising to know that not only these cases are not considered defects, but they are indicative of the handmade authenticity of the carpet.

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