What points should we pay attention to when buying spoons and forks?-part 2

In the previous article, we started the issue of buying spoons and forks and gave you some explanations about this. Today we want to continue this topic.

What do you know about spoons and forks?

You may be interested to know that in the past most spoons and forks were made of silver metal. But as you know, silver has a high price and buying a silver spoon and fork service is not economical. As a result, nowadays other materials such as steel, titanium and their compounds with nickel and chrome are used to make spoons and forks. Steel spoons and forks are designed and produced in silver and gold color.

Checking the quality and weight before buying spoons and forks

Maybe you also have a question, which are better between heavier or lighter spoons and forks?

Usually, spoons and forks that have more endurance also have high durability. Of course, you cannot fully measure their quality by eye or even touch. Numerical figures are engraved on the body or packaging of spoons and forks; By studying them, you can understand the quality of spoons and forks.

It is worth mentioning that the steel spoons and forks, which have the number 18/10 on their body or packaging, are of excellent quality. It is good to know what these two numbers are. The number 18 indicates the percentage of chrome and the number 10 indicates the percentage of nickel in the production of spoons and forks.

The presence of chrome protects steel against rust and corrosion. The presence of nickel also strengthens the rustproofness of spoons and forks. The nickel used in this composition makes the spoons and forks more shiny and polished. In general, the quality of the steel used in your spoons and forks is determined by the amount of chromium to nickel.

It should be noted that in addition to 18/10 quality, there are other qualities such as 18/8 and 18/0.18 in the market. The number 18/0.18 indicates the lowest quality. There are no nickel compounds in this type of spoon and fork, and therefore there is a possibility of its corrosion.

A great trick to buy cutlery

When buying spoons and forks from an art shop in Canada, you can get help from a magnet. If the spoon and fork are made of stainless steel, they will not be attracted to magnets. This is because nickel is used in this type of spoons and forks and actually nickel is not attracted to magnets. If the spoon and fork are attracted to the magnet, it is a sign of its poor quality.

Usually, heavy spoons and forks have attracted the attention of many people due to their high strength. These people prefer to choose lighter spoons and forks. When buying spoons and forks, pay attention to the fact that with very thin forks, they are not of such quality and there is a possibility of bending and breaking them.

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