Why did Iranian carpets become famous in the world?

If you have ever been to one of the carpet markets, you must have been excited to see a world of patterns, colors and beauty. Seeing all that art and beauty in a two-by-three or three-by-four frame or any other shape and size may encourage anyone to buy a board of those beautiful rugs, either for use or for its ornamental aspect. In any case, there is no doubt that Iranian carpets are one of the most popular carpets in the world and have a lot of fame and popularity. Here we examine the reason for the popularity of Iranian carpets. Persian Art Gallery is here if you want to buy Iranian carpets or Persian rugs in Canada.

The history of Iranian carpets

Carpet experts believe that carpets and carpet weaving and the weaving of all types of carpets are the birthplace and origin of Asia. Researchers say that Iran, Turkestan and Caucasus are the cradle of carpet weaving art. From the writings of some texts, it is understood that the art of carpet weaving existed long before Christ. The famous Greek poet and epic writer in the 7th century BC mentions a bed covered with a purple carpet. Also, other historians, poets and writers have mentioned in their writings that Iranians have a habit of resting on very soft carpets. A simple survey shows us that in addition to our country, in countries like Turkey, Spain, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and the Caucasus, the carpet industry and the art of carpet weaving have been prevalent and they have also been active in this field.

But in the end, this art is specific to Iranians, and Iranians were the first people to turn to carpet weaving and in this case, their art is world famous. According to the researches, the first carpet in the world is Pazyryk Iranian carpet. This carpet was made in 1949. It was discovered by a group of Russian archaeologists in excavations in the Altai region of Southern Siberia in a valley with the same name, Pazyryk.

The history of the carpet goes back to the fifth and sixth millennium BC in Central Asia. Iranian Pazyryk carpet is considered the first and oldest hand-woven carpet in the world. whose texture is attributed to the Achaemenid era. In the palace of Ctesiphon there is a very famous carpet called Baharestan, which has a lot of splendor and beauty and is also noted in Islamic literature and has a wide reflection. Due to the beauty, art, accuracy and elegance of the carpet and rug texture, this art has always been of interest, and nowadays more attention is paid to its decorative aspect.

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