Why is art so important?

We spend a lot of resources on it—in different ways and different forms. Be it through money, energy or time no one can deny that we invest so much in art that the question for many becomes is it even worth it? You might know someone or even be someone who says or thinks: “a kid could have created THAT!” Well, they can! This is precisely why art is so entangled with our lives that suddenly we feel threatened by it and by its existence. Anyone can do it and yet some tend to show more appreciation. The problem gets more serious when we see that we don’t get the point of the art that is so famous and so important. Then, we get angry and we project this frustration into the question of what art is and who it is meant to serve. We tend to question its existence as necessary completely and we start hating it. In the process, we are risking our own creative abilities and the potential we could have gotten something out of gets dimmed.

Connecting People

Art is important because it connects people. You say: “Anyone could have done that” and I say: “Great! Now you know the whole point!” Art becomes communication of feelings, of expressions, of the very hard and frustrating thing we call life. Go to an art shop in Canada right now and try to challenge yourself with every artwork you encounter. What is so special about this? Other than the meaning and the hidden references it holds, it seems that the best works of art are the ones that bring a mutual universal sense of connection with them. You look at a painting and it is as if you see your sadness right there out in front of you on the canvas. It is true that all art is subjective, but there is something more humane and more universal in some, a communication that brings clarity to many and on a universal level that some others lack. In any way, art indirectly influences and brings consolation to all the emotions we go through. It talks of the bloodshed and the worries of different communities and for the same reason we tend to disregard is as “Oh well see? It doesn’t personally go and stop fighting! It doesn’t stop anything from happening and doesn’t lead to change!” But art is always there working in the background—subtly, beautifully and gracefully bringing change by arising and connecting our human emotions universally.

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