Why is Iranian carpet expensive?

The price of Iranian carpet and Persian rug in Toronto and Canada is higher than any other type of carpet in the market, so people who buy original Iranian carpet are always careful to take good care of it. If a hand-woven Iranian carpet is well taken care of, it will last for years and can be passed from one generation to another, that’s why many businessmen consider buying an Iranian carpet as an investment. Maybe you also have a question, why is Iranian carpet expensive? In the following, we mention the 3 main reasons why Iranian carpets are expensive.

What is Iranian carpet?

Iranian carpet or Persian rug is hand-woven, heavy, made of natural fibers and has its own carpet weaving process. Iranian carpets are made in Iran to be used at home or sold in the local and global markets. Old Iranian carpets were woven in villages and are a symbol of Iranian history and culture.

How much is the price of Iranian carpet?

In fact, the price of Iranian carpet depends on many factors, one of which is the number of knots in each carpet. The higher the number of knots in an Iranian carpet, the higher the value of the carpet, because more knots make the carpet more velvety and soft. When buying an Iranian carpet, you should be aware of whether it is hand-woven or machine-woven and the number of knots in the carpet. Other important factors in the price of Iranian carpets are the age of the carpet, the type of carpet and the design of the carpet.

Why is Iranian carpet expensive?

The artistic value of the carpet

The first Iranian carpet was woven more than 2500 years ago, and currently the Iranian carpet is known in the world as a work of art that shows the history of Iran and has a high artistic value. An authentic Iranian carpet is hand-woven, which means that every Iranian carpet or rug is made by an artist who tries to show a part of the history and culture of his region by using traditional designs. Just like buying a valuable painting or a wonderful sculpture, buying an Iranian rug is an artistic investment.

The special design and structure of the carpet

As mentioned earlier, these carpets are hand-woven and each knot is done by hand one after the other. The beauty of the Iranian carpet is that each knot follows a specific pattern with colored thread and the final result becomes a hand-woven work of art. Iranian carpet has a curved design and weaving, and unlike the usual geometric designs, this Russian rug is a difficult task because it requires a creative and artistic mind. Even tying a carpet is not an easy task and it requires a lot of experience and skill, and Iranians have learned skills in carpet weaving since a long time ago and passed their experiences from generation to generation.

High quality carpet material

Like any other product, the quality of materials used in Iranian carpets affects its price. Iranian carpet weavers usually use natural materials and plant fibers and animal fibers such as wool, silk, hemp, cotton or sisal, which is why they are expensive. The fibers used in Iranian carpets are durable, long-lasting, easy to clean, and do not lose their color. Research shows that man-made fibers increase allergies, but Iranian carpets are made of fibers that improve the air quality of the home. Handmade fibers can be easily controlled, that’s why machine-made carpets are completely similar to each other, but because the control of natural fibers is out of human hands, each Iranian carpet becomes a special hand-woven work that does not exist.

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